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VoIP Features for Small Businesses

IT support is the core of our services at BetterWorld Technology. When VoIP established itself as a mandatory business solution in the new normal, we dissected the service for its best features. We intended to help prepare small businesses nationwide to know what they will leverage with this solution. Take a look at the best VoIP features.

Auto Attendant

Small businesses need to maximize their human resources, which VoIP anticipated. It has an automated attendant feature to answer phone calls, giving your staff more time to fulfill more pressing tasks. At the same time, callers get a better experience because the auto feature redirects them to the right place.

Find Me/Follow Me

Most VoIP users love this feature. Find Me/Follow Me keeps all relevant staff members connected. It assigns a virtual phone number that employees can use on any device. It allows your small business to remain operational even with other people outside the conference room or office.

Hold Music

VoIP has a feature that plays music while putting callers on hold. Although some small businesses might overlook such a seemingly insignificant feature, we take statistics seriously at BetterWorld Technology. Statistics show that callers are less likely to hang up if they are on hold with music than in silence. Thus, this feature is excellent for small businesses wanting to hold customers’ attention.

Voicemail Transcription to Email

Even small businesses have busy schedules and might only have time to listen to some of the voicemails they receive. They can utilize VoIP’s voicemail transcription to email feature that turns recorded messages into written ones. Maximize efficiency with this transcription feature!

Ring Groups

Small businesses will benefit fiercely from VoIP’s ring group feature. Considering that they might have small teams, this feature rings an entire group until one member picks up a call, so more people can assist more callers instead of passing messages around to each other.

Real-time Call Reporting

Get quick insights on times when you failed to answer calls or needed more staff because of busy days. VoIP has a call reporting feature that can let you automate corrective measures to address these lapses.

Local Support

Local support is more of a necessity than a VoIP feature. It’s essential to have someone ready to deliver necessary IT support in person, so you can confidently go about your primary operations as a business.

Get Local VoIP Solutions With BetterWorld Technology

Suppose you want to maximize the VoIP features for your business in Chicago, Atlanta, New York, or anywhere else nationwide. It would be best if you had a dedicated support team to integrate the cloud system and ensure it suits your unique scenario. Schedule a free consultation today.



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