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Co-Managed IT Services

Fill in Your IT Team Gaps with Top Talent!

What Is Co-Managed IT?

Co-managed IT offers the opportunity to delegate IT responsibilities that your in-house IT department might not have the bandwidth for or the expertise to handle to a seasoned third-party IT service provider.

Consider it as a way to bridge the expertise and resource gaps without the need to recruit, educate, and oversee extra staff members.

What Are Co-Managed IT Service Providers?

Co-managed IT service providers deliver an extensive array of supplementary IT and technology support, tailored to address your organization's requirements. This assistance encompasses extended help desk support, cybersecurity, network management, software renewals, and various other services. With costs significantly lower than in-house alternatives, co-managed IT services offer an excellent means to enhance your IT department's capabilities without straining your budget.

What Co-Managed IT Services Does Better World Offer?

Each organization possesses its distinct IT strengths and vulnerabilities. You might excel in cybersecurity but require additional help desk agents for swift customer support issue resolution. Alternatively, you could have a substantial help desk team but concerns about backup and disaster recovery. BetterWorld Technology offers a comprehensive selection of co-managed IT services to guarantee the creation of a personalized support strategy that aligns with your business's specific requirements.


Why Choose a Co-Managed IT Model for Your Business?

Ensuring problems for your business is as easy as burdening your IT team with excessive work. This not only results in more mistakes but also prevents them from concentrating on the strategic initiatives essential for your business growth. However, with BetterWorld Technology's co-managed IT services, you can access the necessary IT support to empower your staff and foster business prosperity. Here's the rationale behind it.

Top Managed IT Services


Your in-house IT department is swamped. Taking vacations, sick time, or unplanned leave is often a serious problem, and the team is showing signs of burnout.

Focus on Success

You want to focus your current team on projects they excel at and that drive the business forward, but daily routine tasks are bogging them down.

Maintenance Overload

Important and proactive maintenance isn’t getting done. Urgent problems always seem to crop up, distracting your staff from critical patching, updates, and monitoring.

Rapid Growth

Your business is experiencing rapid growth, and you require swift scalability. However, the constraints of budget and time prevent you from hiring additional staff. What you need is temporary, short-term assistance to propel you to the next stage.

Hybrid Work Environment

The majority of your workforce continues to operate remotely. You have reservations about having the necessary services in position, particularly concerning security policies and procedures.

Lack of Expertise

Your organization has significant skill gaps in areas of critical importance, and locating the appropriate talent feels as challenging as finding a needle in a haystack. Quality talent is a scarce commodity in the current job market and often commands high salaries.

The Business Benefits of a Co-Managed IT Model

The key advantage of co-managed IT lies in its capacity to fill in the voids within your team. This empowers you to direct your attention toward long-term objectives and strategic projects, fostering productivity and efficiency across the company, while we handle the workload your team hasn't been able to tackle.

Here's a catalog of practical advantages:


Cost Efficiency

Hiring, training, and retaining top IT talent has become time-consuming and expensive, if not impossible.


Risk Mitigation

Most organizations don’t have the budget to bring in true cybersecurity expertise and the enterprise-grade tools and systems you need for proper protection.

New York MSP

Project Completion

Internal IT teams frequently find themselves overwhelmed as they strive to keep up with their everyday responsibilities, leaving little room for tackling new projects.

Chicag MSP

Access to Expertise and Tools

Solution architects, CIOs, CISOs, Microsoft and Apple experts, cloud IT consultants, and various other professionals are readily available to assist you. Gain access to top-tier tools like ITGlue and ConnectWise, along with 24/7 security systems, cloud backup options, managed data centers, and an extensive array of other resources.

What Does Co-Managed IT Cost?

Have you considered the expenses associated with recruiting all the resources essential for expanding your team? Can you truly acquire the required expertise by hiring just a few additional employees?

Alternatively, would it be more pragmatic to invest in a versatile package of services to address your most pressing deficiencies?

Here are some median salaries to contemplate, in conjunction with suggested staffing levels. Keep in mind, this doesn't encompass overhead and labor costs (typically around 20%-30%), or technician utilization (approximately 70%).

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What Does Co-Managed IT Do?

When your IT infrastructure is neglected or vulnerable, it jeopardizes your entire organization. However, many businesses lack the time and internal resources needed to effectively oversee and maintain their technology, support end users, stay abreast of cybersecurity demands, and advance specialty projects.

If this situation resonates with you, Ntiva offers a solution. We provide co-managed IT services designed to complement your team and address the gaps where additional support is required.

Here are a few key advantages:

  • We don't supplant your IT staff; we enhance your team's capabilities.

  • You won't need to hire or manage costly new employees.

  • Your IT team gains access to the same potent IT automation and management tools that we utilize.

  • In the rare event that your IT leader is unavailable or a disaster occurs, we can promptly offer support.

  • You gain access to a dedicated team of IT experts who handle similar challenges for numerous clients every day of the week.

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