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How To Be a Better Servant Leader

Servant leaders are known for leading from the front and empowering those around them. They put others before themselves and continuously seek ways to help those they lead. In the workplace, they are characterized by their ability to listen to their team’s perspectives, build trust, and delegate tasks. They also create an environment where everyone can succeed.

Here are some tips on how to be a better servant leader:

Learn to Listen

As mentioned, knowing how to listen to the perspectives of others is a crucial component of being a servant leader. It’s not enough to be a good listener, though. You must genuinely be able to hear them. You must be able to discern what others are saying and understand the true meaning behind their words and the feelings that inspire those words. This is called active listening, which includes both hearing and understanding what is being said.

Have Empathy

Aside from listening to the perspectives of those around you, it’s also a good practice to put yourself in their shoes to understand where they’re coming from. Keep an open mind, especially when your team members struggle to produce great results. Remember that no two people’s experiences – even in the same environment and performing the same task – are identical.

Create a Healthy Work Environment

Developing a healthy work environment entails modeling the kind of behavior you want to see in your team. As goes the Golden Rule: Treat others the way you want to be treated.

If you’re looking for a cohesive, communicative, and positive work environment, ensure you exhibit those qualities yourself. Lead by example, and you might see your desired results flourish. Today’s technology can also improve collaboration and decrease miscommunication.

Here at BetterWorld Technology, we believe in facilitating healthy workplace dynamics through our IT solutions so that our team can focus on what they’re good at. That’s why we work with software for better communication and collaboration between team members.

Learn From Experience

Foresight is another tell-tale sign that someone is a great servant leader. The best way to develop this skill is by learning from experience so that you can identify the foreshadowing of a negative outcome and help correct the course. Every situation presents an opportunity to learn and grow, so don’t shy away from difficult experiences. These may be some of the most valuable opportunities for growth that you have.


Servant leadership enriches the lives of individuals and builds better organizations. Maximize tools to equip your leaders today. Small businesses in Atlanta, Boston, LA, and New York have partnered with us to meet the needs of their employees. Contact us today!



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