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Checklist for Better Digital Offboarding of Employees

Employees have firsthand knowledge of the company’s systems and access to sensitive information. Once they leave the business, hackers can follow a paper trail they’ve left behind and steal data. At BetterWorld Technology, we believe that companies must have a digital offboarding process to protect themselves. Here’s a checklist to ensure that you don’t overlook anything

Knowledge Transfer

Key employees may take years of valuable knowledge when they leave a business. This should be recorded as part of the digital offboarding procedure. An even better solution would require all employees to document their processes and procedures regularly.

Take Care of Their Ties to the Organization on Social Media

Deal with the former employee’s connections on social media. For instance, check if they contribute to the company’s LinkedIn or Facebook page using their accounts.

Compile a List of All Work-Related Apps and Logins

Check for any applications the employee might have used for work purposes, such as emails and cloud business apps. If you plan to keep using these apps, you can change the login or close the account entirely after exporting business data. This prevents the former employee from accessing sensitive company information or representing the organization.

Reclaim Company Devices

Be sure to retrieve any company property the employee may have taken with them. Employees who work from home are frequently given their own devices. Taking immediate action will help you keep equipment from getting lost.

Retrieve Data From Employee-Owned Devices

Allowing employees to use their mobile devices at work isn’t unusual. Although this reduces costs, it may make digital offboarding more complicated. All company data stored on these gadgets should be backed up and retrieved by the business.

Pass On Data Ownership and Deactivate Employee Accounts

Don’t just leave a former employee’s cloud account open; instead, select a new user account and close the old one after the data has been transferred. Employers who fail to close inactive employee accounts invite hackers to steal sensitive information.

Block Their Access to Your Network and Software

With the help of an endpoint device management system, disabling a device is a simple task. Gadgets used by former employees must be removed from any list of authorized devices. BetterWorld Technology can help manage your devices with our IT support services.

Update Building Access Codes

Don’t overlook the importance of actual entry points to your building. You should update any digital passcodes to prevent a former worker from regaining entry to the facility.

The Bottom Line

Digital offboarding is more straightforward and safer when handled with foresight. This checklist will help you strengthen your organization’s cybersecurity.



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