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BetterWorld Technology Honored on Real Leaders®️ as one of the 300 Top Impact Companies of 2023


BetterWorld Technology to be honored at Global Celebration on

February 16th

Reston, VA, United States, January 18, 2023 — Real Leaders® is thrilled to announce the 300 Top Impact Companies award winners from around the world. "This is our fifth annual ranking, and the number of award winners has tripled. It's encouraging to see how this movement is going mainstream with businesses worldwide," said Mark Van Ness, Founder of Real Leaders. "We are excited to welcome new and past company winners to the impact movement and into the Real Leaders Impact Awards community."

The 2023 list features a mix of respected impact brands of all sizes and from various industries with companies such as Advantage Capital, FuelCell Energy, and Outsource Access, as well as Patagonia, Danone, and Allbirds. SEE IMPACT AWARDS RANKING.

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Technology is a powerful enabler for business growth, so it is vital to keep up with any pertinent emerging technology trends since technology is a potent facilitator of corporate success. At BetterWorld Technology, we've seen many businesses stay competitive and relevant in their markets by focusing on one essential element: keeping up with emerging business technology trends and keeping their business safe with cybersecurity tools. We adopt a proactive rather than reactive approach, allowing us to stay ahead of the technological and commercial curves.

A title or distinction has nothing to do with leadership. Impact, influence, and inspiration are vital components of leadership. Influencing and sharing your enthusiasm for your work leads to getting things done; that's what impacts your coworkers' and clients' lives. Success isn't about arriving somewhere or achieving specific goals; it's about constant improvement, the urge to evolve toward a better self, and that journey never ends. Success or failure is often determined by understanding or misunderstanding the end goals as a whole teamwork project. Having clear objectives creates awareness of the step-by-step toward the end goal.


Real Leaders is a membership community for impact leaders with a global media platform dedicated to driving positive change. It's on a mission to unite farsighted leaders to transform our shortsighted world. Founded in 2010, Real Leaders recognized early on that businesses bore a responsibility to be as aware of their impact on employees, society, and the planet as they are on their bottom line. Real Leaders is a B Corporation, a member of the UN Global Compact, and is independently owned.

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As a founding Benefit Corporation and technology leader for the past 20 years, the mission at BetterWorld Technology has been to help our customers' mission. From disaster recovery, cybersecurity, and managed IT services, our custom solutions and all-inclusive support keep businesses and organizations across the country moving forward. United by a passion for service and excellence, the BetterWorld Technology team is committed both to its success and to making it a better world for all.

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