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8 Tips for Increasing Desktop Efficiency

Improving desktop efficiency is one of the best ways to be more productive when using a computer.

Here are eight tips to consider to make your desktop computer more efficient.

1. Utilize cloud saving:

Instead of storing files on your local drive, try using the cloud. Keeping your essential documents in the cloud offers many advantages, such as easier sharing and more accessibility.

2. Use an online calendar:

An online calendar can help you keep track of meetings, deadlines, and other important events. You also benefit from automatic reminders and easy online accessibility, among others.

3. Improve your setup:

Upgrading your computer every 3 to 5 years is necessary to keep it updated with the latest hardware and capabilities. A critical upgrade is your storage system since most of your work relies on having an excellent digital environment.

4. Update your system regularly:

Make sure to keep your software updated regularly. Updates can help fix issues, provide new features, and improve your desktop.

5. Keep your desktop tidy:

Keeping your computer’s local storage clean is essential to function normally.

6. Uninstall unused apps:

Ensure you remove unused apps from your computer, so they don’t take up space in the long run.

7. Leverage keyboard shortcuts:

Keyboard shortcuts go a long way to helping you be more productive, which is why it’s essential to use them.

8. Learn to troubleshoot:

Ensure you know how to troubleshoot a problematic computer, especially since any freezes can easily lead to lost data.


Following these tips will help increase your desktop efficiency in the long run. If you need more help improving your desktop productivity, BetterWorld Technology is here for you. Please find out how we can be your managed services provider regarding computer efficiency by getting in touch today.



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