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Why Are Small Businesses More Likely To Be Targeted by Cyberattackers?

You may be under the impression that your small business in Virginia, North Carolina, or Georgia isn’t vulnerable to cyberattacks. After all, what could a hacker want from your startup? With barebones IT infrastructure, what’s there to steal or exploit?

Be warned. Barracuda Networks, a California-based IT security firm, analyzed millions of emails from firms of all sizes and discovered a disturbing statistic. The security firm found that smaller businesses are 350 percent more likely to be targeted for social engineering and data theft attacks than larger businesses.

This statistic points to an alarming truth: your startup isn’t as invulnerable to cyber threats as you thought. Here are three reasons why your small business is one vulnerability away from a cyberattack.

Less IT Support

Startups like yours may place various expenditures on the chopping block. One of these expenditures is IT support. Small businesses are more vulnerable to threats with less IT security and support spending. All it takes is one malware infection.

Valuable Data

Startups have data that hackers want to access, such as tax ID numbers and credit card information. For hackers, this valuable data, combined with a startup’s reduced IT support and security, represents a treasure trove of opportunity.

Gateway Hacks

Hackers can use stolen data from startups to access a giant corporation’s assets by hacking smaller, more vulnerable companies. If you’re a B2B startup, a hacker can use your data to access larger corporations you cater to.

Threat-proof Your Startup With Reliable and Affordable IT Support Services

Small businesses in various locations need IT support when threats occur. That is why we at BetterWorld Technology offer quality and affordable IT support and security services that give your data a bulwark of protection.

Reach out now, and let’s talk about threat-proofing your startup.



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