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What Is DaaS & Why Do You Need It?

Desktop as a Service: Top 4 Benefits

The business world has transformed considerably in recent years, as VoIP technology has become more common, more businesses are moving to the cloud, and remote work has become a standard operating procedure in most organizations.

According to one study, at least 70 percent of employees are now working at least one day a week from somewhere other than the office. More than half of the 18,000 people surveyed work remotely for half the week or more and more than one in 10 work outside of their company’s main office as much as five times per week.

Simultaneously, or perhaps in response to these trends, many companies are abandoning their offices altogether and choosing to embrace full time remote work environments.

Desktop as a Service & Remote Work

Public perception surrounding remote work has changed. Managers and administrators have gotten much more comfortable with the idea of allowing their employees to work remotely. In addition, remote work is now a top demand among the growing millennial workforce—many of whom consider remote work a deal breaker when applying to jobs.

Another contributing factor technological advancements that make remote work more possible and productive; specifically, in the desktop as a service (DaaS) market. With a DaaS deployment, virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) is managed by a cloud provider, allowing businesses to access their mission critical desktops, files, and applications from anywhere on any device. Desktop as a service even preserves the look and feel of one’s office workspace, making working from anywhere an intuitive experience.

In addition, DaaS solutions now offer enhanced security measures that set employers at ease. Cybersecurity, particularly for remote workers leveraging networks that are unmonitored by the company, is a core concern for most businesses. But with a robust desktop as a service solution, companies can confidently embrace remote work thanks to secure encryptions, multi-factor authentication, context-based access controls and more safeguards.

Desktop as a Service: The Top 4 Benefits

To sum up the best qualities of this increasingly popular technology, here are the top four benefits to remember if you’re considering a desktop as a service solution.

Easy Application Access

When employees work from remote locations, they need access to the same applications that they would use in the office. With DaaS, employees can access their applications from any location, and from any device. This allows workers to stay connected and productive no matter where they are.

Enhanced Security

Allowing remote work means exposing your company to countless security risks. It means sending workers outside of the protected LAN, where they will connect in public areas like coffee shops and airports. A DaaS solution can help reduce cyber threats in a number of ways. For example, multi-factor authentication can protect against intruders should a device get lost or stolen and encryption can protect sensitive data while it’s in transit.

Adaptive Communications

Employees need more than just secure application access while they are working from home. They also need fast and reliable connectivity; this used to be a major issue with DaaS. Now, however, it’s possible to leverage DaaS solutions that are “adaptive.” In other words, they can act as a direct extension of the company’s network, while offering real-time monitoring. Furthermore, DaaS can be integrated with a business’ communications system, which fully streamlines the company backbone so that employees are connected to every tool in their arsenal at all times.

Vertical-specific Functionality

Some verticals, like healthcare and finance, have very specific requirements for workflows and security. With the right desktop as a service solution, your company can leverage customized applications within the workspace and even build your ideal workflows. Some DaaS systems even come with vertical-specific packages ready to implement, making the process even faster and easier.



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