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Ways To Use Your Calendar More Efficiently

Online calendars are all the rage nowadays, especially with the growing number of individuals looking to improve their productivity in the digital realm. Many popular calendars are available, including Microsoft Outlook, Google Calendar, Calendly, DigiCal, and Zoho Calendar.

When you use your online calendar correctly, you can easily plan what you will do for the rest of your day and be more organized. These are some of the biggest reasons why many today choose to maintain a calendar.

If you’re interested in using an online calendar, consider the following tips to be more efficient and productive.

Connect Your Calendar to Your Mobile Device

Connecting the calendar you use on your computer to your mobile device is one of the best things you can do to be more efficient. This is because it will allow you to keep up with important meetings and events. Such capability is essential for people who are constantly traveling or on the move.

Schedule Time Blocks

You can start blocking out times on your online calendar and setting “no meeting” schedules on them. This will allow others to view your calendar and schedule meetings only when you’re available.

It will also help you focus on important tasks to be more productive.

Set Reminders for Important Deadlines

Using your online calendar to set essential reminders for deadlines is one of the most important aspects you can have with such a tool. Make sure you take advantage of the reminder feature so that you don’t miss out on anything at work and in your personal life.


Increasing productivity with your online calendar is only a matter of following the best practices to use it efficiently.

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