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Ways the SLAM Method Can Improve Phishing Detection

Phishing has always been a top priority in security awareness training because it has been the main route for the most dangerous cyberattacks such as database breaches, ransomware, credential theft, and so much more. It continues to be influential among scammers even as technology progresses.

In the workplace, employees quickly forget what they’ve learned from cybersecurity training. This is why the corporate and business setting are more prone to phishing attacks. However, there is a way to help employees remember phishing identification more effectively. And it is called the SLAM method.

What is the SLAM Method?

The SLAM method is a mnemonic for checking four aspects of an email before clicking anything on it:




Message text

Using SLAM can help detect a suspicious email from the get-go. This acronym can help employees retain what they need to examine before trusting certain emails.

Check the Sender

Scammers will use a spoofed email address that looks like the real deal. This method is common among banking institutions that are often used as bait for these scams. BetterWorld Technology can help you filter these emails through our efficient Cybersecurity tools and strategies for your business in Chicago and elsewhere in the US.

Hover Over Links Only

Do not click hyperlinks when you see them. Hover over the first and check the URL address that shows up. That way, when you visit a malicious site, you’ll avoid clicking altogether.

Do Not Open Suspicious Attachments

It can be challenging to determine which attachments are products of phishing and which ones are safe to click. BetterWorld Technology offers anti-malware or antivirus protection that can scan all attachments and label them as safe or dangerous.

Read Messages Carefully

Instead of quickly scanning the text, read emails and messages carefully. Spelling and other mistakes are signs of a phishing scam and prove that the news is from an illegitimate source.

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You’ll need reliable IT services to combat phishing attacks constantly. BetterWorld technology can lend you a hand in securing your business in Charlotte, NC, and other areas where you need us.

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