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Using Microsoft 365 Defender to Protect from Phishing Scams

As more and more companies engage in online business, hackers have more opportunities to trick users into giving up valuable information. Phishing scams are one of the most common ways hackers attempt to gain access to a company’s sensitive data. In 2020, 74% of companies experienced successful phishing scams in the United States. That means businesses must be on the lookout for phishing attacks regardless of size and geographic location and have a plan to protect their sensitive data.

We at BetterWorld Technology recommend using Microsoft 365 Defender. Let’s review some features and see how they can help protect your organization.

1. Email Protection

Email protection is an essential security feature that blocks malicious emails and prevents your organization’s users from falling prey to phishing scams. It uses machine learning algorithms to recognize patterns in phishing campaigns and identify malicious content. It also scans email attachments and blocks them once identified as containing malware or other malicious content.

2. Malware Defense

Office 365 Defender provides malware defense, a feature that helps protect end-users from malware by detecting and blocking malicious websites, files, and attachments. On emails, it filters different file types that aren’t supposed to be there, like .exe, .app, .scr, and so on.

3. Spam Block

This feature blocks spam and phishing emails that are not addressed to you. It analyses the content of the email, including messages and content in attachments, to identify spam. It automatically sends the email to your spam folder if it’s recognized as having questionable content. It also helps you know whether your team members are sending spam emails that can affect other users.

4. Safe Links

Phishing emails also contain URLs that lead users to a malicious website. Safe LInks act as protection as it warns users when they click on a URL that is about to show them to a malicious website. Your whole organization can benefit from this feature as it scans email links from all personnel and blocklists malicious URLs.

5. Sandbox Isolation

The sandbox isolation is a unique feature. If someone opens a malicious email, it will automatically send that email to a separate, secure environment where the malware can be analyzed and prevented from infecting your system. It warns you whether it is not safe to open. If it is, it will automatically open normally.

6. Enhance Filtering

An inbound connector verifies whether an email comes to a trustworthy source or not. The higher the complexity of the routing scenario, the more likely it is that some emails might fall through the cracks. It acts as an additional layer of protection, allowing Microsoft 365 to be more effective in identifying malicious emails.

7. User Submission

To create more organized mailboxes and risk reduction of opening a malicious email, Microsoft Defender gives you the freedom to choose if you want to send detected threat emails to a separate mailbox. Doing such also eases the process of review for your security team.

Advanced Phishing Protection Solution

BetterWorld Technology recommends you integrate your office computers with the Microsoft 365 Defender to have advanced protection and an effective way to neutralize phishing attacks; this is only one of many ways to improve your cybersecurity and strengthen your company’s security.

Contact us to learn more about protecting your business against cyber-attacks.



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