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The Right Way to Recycle a Mobile Phone Number

According to a 2021 study by Princeton University, 66% of mobile numbers considered available by well-known service providers were still linked to certain accounts on popular websites. Their new owners can use old mobile numbers, potentially leading to cybersecurity concerns. Given how these digits play an essential role in our daily life, it’s vital to take specific steps before deciding to discard them for good.

Here are some tips to consider!

Unlink Your Old Number from Online Accounts

You want to ensure that your old number is no longer connected to your online accounts and other essential applications. Others can breach your accounts if they remain linked to your old number.

Remove Your Old Number From Social Media

You should also remove your old number from your social media profiles, as they can be compromised if you leave them. Make sure to change all your accounts to use your new number to be safe.

Let Service Providers Know You’ll Use a New Number

Next, you should inform service providers that send you text messages about your number change. This should help you avoid identity theft, a common cybersecurity problem today.

Check Multi-Factor Authentication Prompts

Make sure your multi-factor authentication prompts from certain accounts no longer use your old number.

Clear Your Text Message History

You should review your text message history to find other accounts you might have missed. This should help ensure everything has been removed before turning in your old number.

Let People Know About Your New Number

Finally, let your loved ones know that you’re using a new number, so they won’t expect to receive communication from your old one.

Are Your Mobile Devices Secure?

Recycling old numbers is common nowadays, but there are specific steps you need to take to ensure you’re safe from malicious individuals.

If you need help with your mobile cybersecurity, BetterWorld Technology can help. Contact us to learn more.



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