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The Most Helpful Features of Windows 11

Microsoft has changed the game once again with its release of Windows 11. Retaining many of the familiar elements of its predecessor, Windows 11 boasts new productivity-enhancing features we at BetterWorld Technology have come to love.

Learn more about the latest Windows 11 features that are making waves for small businesses in our many service locations.

Multitask with Ease Using Snap Layouts

The snap layout feature allows you to arrange multiple windows and apps into grids. These grids come in various layouts from which you can choose, allowing you to see all your windows in one place.

Communicate & Collaborate Seamlessly with Teams

Microsoft Teams enables full communication and collaboration with your staff. Teams allows you to communicate with team members and share screens — features you don’t get with mobile communication.

Search & Start in One Place

Windows 11 merges the locations of the search tab and start menu to streamline your file search experience. Unlike Windows 10, the search tab is in the same spot as the start menu. As a result, you can say goodbye to clicking on the file manager to look for your documents.

New & Improved Task View

Task View allows users to categorize their windows and tasks by separating them into different panes. Just like in Windows 10, you can run various operations in a way that allows you to focus on the most urgent project.

Stay on Track with To-Do

Windows 11 retains the To-Do widget. Only this time, it’s simpler to add to your desktop. You’ll also be amazed at being able to tick off boxes without switching off an active window.

Experience Unparalleled Productivity with Windows 11

Windows 11 promises to streamline workflows and add a layer of customization to task management and searches. Take full advantage of these productivity-enhancing features with a full-service SaaS partner near you.

We at BetterWorld Technology are here to supercharge your productivity. Get Windows 11 updates and support with our SaaS service today.



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