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SSL and TLS Solutions To Ensure Your Security System With BetterWorld Technology

Statistics reveal that shoplifting attacks have been growing in the past year. Research shows that the most at risk of robberies are convenience stores, supermarkets, jewelry stores, liquor stores, and gas stations.

Around 36% of the victims sought enhanced cybersecurity measures to protect their businesses. Surveillance cameras are among the security solutions that companies adopt, the installation of which has also been growing.

However, simply getting any surveillance device for your home or business may not meet your security goals. Be sure to get one that includes encryption technology such as SSL or TLS to make your investment worth it.

Here’s a closer look:

What Is SSL or TLS Technology?

SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer. Meanwhile, TLS stands for Transport Layer Security. The industry commonly uses both terms interchangeably because TLS essentially comes from SSL and only improves on its features.

SSL/TLS is a standard technology that secures data transfer between browsers and servers. For example, if your website requires your customers to share personal information, you should have SSL encryption to protect their data. People can tell whether a website has SSL encryption if its URL uses “https://” or has a padlock sign next to the address bar.

Why Do I Need SSL or TLS for My Business?

As a small business in Chicago, IL, you must ensure that your devices utilize SSL/TLS encryption. Encryption technology prevents hackers from accessing your data through your security devices as you connect to the internet.

For instance, say you invested in a surveillance camera for your store. That device connects to the internet to let you monitor your store on other devices remotely. A hacker is less likely to grab and watch your camera footage if your device utilizes encryption technology. This way, you can protect your store’s data and prevent criminals from using it against you.

Get Started: Encrypt Your Security System With BetterWorld Technology

Small businesses are at an increased risk of burglaries, prompting them to invest in cybersecurity measures. However, surveillance cameras may also be at risk of hacks unless they utilize encryption technology to ensure only the relevant people have access to their data.

SSL/TLS technology is the standard for securing devices that connect to the internet. These solutions encrypt data you send between two systems, minimizing the risk of third parties accessing them.

If you are a business owner in Chicago, IL, and are looking for encryption solutions for your operations, get in touch with BetterWorld Technology today. We are dedicated to the evolving industry of cybersecurity and making accessible solutions. Discuss your goals now!



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