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Signs That Your Computer Could Be Infected With Malware

Malware is harmful software that damages and disables computers, leaving companies struggling to recover their systems and data. As malware becomes more sophisticated, it’s important to be aware of the signs that your computer may have been infected. Here are some red flags to watch out for:

Your PC Is Slower Than Usual

Viruses, ransomware, and spyware are some malware types that can make your PC run slow. In some cases, malware can even prevent your computer from starting correctly. If you have noticed that your PC is running slower than usual, it could be a sign that malware has infiltrated your system.

Constant Unusual Pop-Ups

Adware is another type of malware that infects computers. These are generally programs that display unwanted advertisements. Adware can be distributed in several ways, including through email attachments, file-sharing networks, and websites with pop-up ads. Scanning your computer for malware is a good idea if you see unexpected pop-ups on your screen.

Missing Hard Drive Space

Check your computer’s available hard drive space to see if malware is taking up a significant amount of space. Malware can often replicate itself, quickly eating up your hard drive space. Your computer may be infected with malware if your hard drive fills up much quicker than usual.

Your Computer Keeps Crashing

System crashes are normal if they happen occasionally. But malware could be the culprit if your computer crashes more frequently. Malware can cause your computer to freeze, preventing you from starting and running your operations efficiently. Be sure to scan your PC for malware.

Corrupted Files

Like system crashes being normal in certain circumstances, files can get corrupted in time. However, malware can also cause file corruption to damage or disable your computer. In some cases, malware can even delete important files, which is detrimental to your business’s operations. If you notice that files on your computer are no longer working correctly, malware may be to blame.

Other Signs of Malware

Besides the ones listed above, other signs to look out for when you suspect your computer may be infected with malware include:

● Your browser home page is redirected upon start-up.

● The sudden rebooting of your computer.

● PC “processing sounds” when a program isn’t running.

Clean Your PC Professionally Today

While there are free online malware checks available, they are not as reliable as a professional malware removal service. At BetterWorld Technology, we use the latest tools and techniques to clean your computer and protect it from future malware attacks.

We have professional IT teams across different locations ready to establish a tailored strategy for your company to prevent malware infection, so if you're a small business in Chicago in need of an IT Managed Services Provider: contact us today to schedule a consultation.



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