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Popular Cloud Storage Trends

Cloud storage is one of the most overlooked aspects of cloud computing. After all, the concept isn’t as flashy as other software. However, hiring a managed services provider (MSP) can be the game-changer you need to address the needs of modern consumers.

Now that remote and hybrid work setups have become the norm; it’s crucial to provide employees with a simple, reliable, and secure file storage solution. Read on to discover the latest industry trends that can transform your business.

Trend 1: Built-In Ransomware Protection

As the name suggests, ransomware is malicious software that blocks access to a system until the victims pay a ransom. This technology encrypts your files to make them inaccessible to employees.

Nowadays, such attacks are more common than ever before. For this reason, business owners and decision-makers expect cloud storage solutions to offer built-in ransomware protection. We recommend looking for products and services that automatically scan data you upload to the cloud for ransomware.

Trend 2: Automation Features

Modern consumers need contemporary solutions, including artificial intelligence (AI) and automation. Many small and midsize businesses (SMBs) have yet to take advantage of such tools. With these technologies on your side, you can set cloud spending limits and scale your resources. These capabilities reduce the likelihood of paying for storage you don’t need.

Before discussing specifics with an MSP, we recommend setting your cloud goals first. Doing so lets you foresee what you need from a provider.

Trend 3: Edge Computing

Over the past few months, the industry has been gaining popularity among SMBs. It’s a computing paradigm that brings storage closer to the data source. Because of the rising demand for remote and hybrid work setups, it’s ideal for creating a system where data applications and storage resources are geographically closer to users. This concept boosts speed, improves security, and reduces operational costs.

We recommend using solutions that offer edge computing to improve response times. Remember, this feature impacts how you transact with business partners and customers.

Optimize Your Cloud Storage Today

Your business data is crucial to your success. While every employee should have access to files, you should protect them from cybersecurity threats.

At BetterWorld Technology, our specialists can help you optimize your cloud storage to enhance speed and security while minimizing costs. We’ve been assisting SMBs to strengthen their systems for the past 19 years, and our Google five-star rating will prove how satisfied our clients are.

Schedule a call with our IT experts to solve your distinct business challenges.



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