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Password Management 101: Cybersecurity Measures for Passwords

A password is one of the most critical pieces of information connected to your digital identity. Passwords are unique credentials, and as such, they ensure that your online accounts are secure and accessible only to you. However, they can also fall victim to cybersecurity breaches by hackers who wish to access your data illegally.

We at BetterWorld Technology believe that knowing how to increase password safety is crucial for maintaining the integrity of your business. Whether your company is based in San Francisco, New York, or elsewhere, these cybersecurity tips will help protect your digital information from cybercriminals.

Use a Password Manager

One of the safest ways to keep all your different passwords in one place is through a password manager. BetterWorld Technology recommends using password managers, as you only need one keyword for your computer to save all your passwords. Many password managers also have features for protecting other online data types, including financial and banking information.

Make Your Passwords Stronger

To protect yourself from cybercrime online, you must formulate long, unique strings to serve as your passwords. BetterWorld Technology further recommends these other cybersecurity guidelines in making passwords.

  • Keep them at 12+ characters: Create a sufficiently long string of various letters, numbers, and special symbols.

  • Make passwords difficult to guess: Don’t include personal information such as your name, age, or birthday.

  • Have a varied set of passwords: Making separate passwords for all your accounts decreases the risk of cybersecurity breaches.

Fortify Your Login Protection

Companies from Washington D.C. to Ontario should utilize multi-factor authentication (MFA) to strengthen account protection. MFA ensures that only you can access your email, social media platforms, and banking accounts. Moreover, BetterWorld Technology suggests utilizing the most potent verification tools possible. These can include biometrics or security keys sent through your mobile phone number or email address.

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