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Mobile Device Attacks To Watch Out For

We live in a world where smartphones, tablets, and computers are now becoming our primary source of communication, especially when accessing information. However, no matter how helpful these devices are, specific issues can still occur — like cyberattacks.

To avoid experiencing issues with your mobile device, here are some of the most commonly-faced mobile device attacks that you should watch out for.

Mobile Malware

Mobile malware can significantly affect the performance of your mobile device, especially when most of them are hidden in some apps. It’s not easy to differentiate a legitimate app from a fake one. Hackers can also use these flashy graphics to scam people. Some even have high star ratings that look legit in the eyes of ordinary people. That’s why you should always check an app’s credibility before downloading it on your mobile device.

Unprotected Communications

Unprotected communications are one of the most common reasons hackers gain access to your accounts or other important files. For example, sending a credit card number or account password over a text message on an unprotected messaging app is unsafe. Hackers will be able to intercept if you send sensitive information through a text message that is not encrypted.

Public Wi-Fi

Public Wi-Fi is never secure. There can be a hacker lurking around this public connection that can access your device if you’re connected to it. Being connected to a public Wi-Fi and entering passwords, credit card numbers, or other sensitive information will allow a hacker to attack your mobile device, stealing your information.

Juice Jacking Using Public USB Charging Stations

People don’t like their mobile devices to be low on battery. Whenever we see a public charging station, we always run to it to charge our phones. However, there are times that this straightforward decision will allow hackers to infiltrate our mobile devices. They can set up a fake charging station in public areas or insert a fake charging cord through a charging station. When you insert your phone through these counterfeit USB chargers, they will immediately copy data from your device.

Non-updated Devices

Non-updated devices are prone to vulnerability, especially in the hands of hackers. For example, 40% of Android users use an outdated system, allowing hackers to take advantage of your system’s weakness and steal information from you.

The Best Mobile Security Solution

If you’re looking for a way to secure your mobile device or accounts, get in touch with us today at BetterWorld Technology. We highly encourage everyone from Dallas, Chicago, Reston, San Diego, and many more to have their accounts secured using our services.



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