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Mistakes That Leave Your Data at Risk

As the world advances into a complex technological arena, more companies fall under the mercy of cyberattacks. These companies are vulnerable to these attacks and lose millions of dollars. However, the company’s management and employees could be responsible for the oversight. These mistakes are considered everyday threats that companies tend to ignore. Check whether your company commits the following common IT mistakes:

Lack of Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

Since most business operations are now cloud-based, more people can easily access a company’s networks without the right authentication system.

Using Shadow IT

Shadow IT poses many risks to cybersecurity since most of the data is accessed by employees through a non-secure application. This could leave the company’s database highly exposed. If you have a business in Indianapolis, IN, BetterWorld Technology can help you impose effective IT measures to prevent this from becoming an issue.

Relying Solely on an Antivirus Application

Nowadays, a regular antivirus application is inadequate to protect a business in Las Vegas, NV. BetterWorld Technology can assist you in implementing multi-layered strategies for your cybersecurity.

No Device Management

Since the pandemic, companies have started appreciating the efficacy and practicality of working from home. This is why device management has become more important for remote employees to work securely and keep business data safe from viruses and hackers.

Lack of Employee Training

95% of data breaches are caused by human error due to the lack of training and IT security among employees. Companies should conduct webinars, training sessions, and IT security reminders and materials to help remind employees about IT best practices.

Secure Your Data With BetterWorld Technology

We can help you avoid falling victim to these mistakes at BetterWorld Technology. Contact us now for a consultation about your IT needs and cybersecurity solutions for your business — whether you’re in Toronto, ON, or Washington, DC.

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