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Microsoft Word Tips To Increase Productivity

Microsoft Word — called Word by many — is the flagship product developed by the tech giant Microsoft. This program plays a crucial role in the Microsoft Office suite of products and is considered the most widely-used word processor today.

Word Tips To Consider

To help you be more productive with Microsoft Word, consider the following tips:

  1. Use Microsoft Word Online: You can sign into your Microsoft account online, so you don’t need to install the program on your computer or mobile device.

  2. Better collaboration: You can easily edit and share documents with your colleagues using your OneDrive account and linking your Word document.

  3. Use Dictate: Dictate lets you use speech-to-text, thanks to its advanced speech recognition technology.

  4. Control edits: Use the Track Changes capability in Word to keep an eye on all edits that take place in a document.

  5. Leverage Linked Notes: Use Linked Notes so you can put OneNote to the side and be more focused on composing articles.

  6. Research using Smart Lookup: The Smart Lookup feature of Word lets you research online as you work on documents.

  7. Zoom conveniently: Use the convenient zoom feature of Word — located at the lower-right of the document — and set it to an ideal configuration.

  8. Use icons: Use Word icons so that you can draw interest in essential details.

  9. Text formatting options: Customize your documents with the ready-made text formatting options Word has available.

  10. Obtain images faster: You can get the photos you need for your Word documents more quickly without using a web browser.

  11. Easily edit PDFs: Thanks to their compatibility, Word lets you edit your PDF files easily.

Be More Productive With Microsoft Word

It’s clear why Microsoft Word is the most well-known word processor in the world. It offers numerous features and benefits that aren’t matched by its competition.

If you need help in increasing productivity with Word, feel free to contact BetterWorld Technology and find out how an MSP can be of assistance.



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