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Microsoft’s Edge Browser's Top Features

An internet browser is one of the most crucial applications on your devices, and like any app, they evolve. Over the past years, newer browsers have been released, and the older ones were phased out. A classic example is Internet Explorer. Now, Google Chrome remains in the top spot after being the most utilized browser for several years.

However, browsers come and go; what might be leading one day may retire the next. Another browser rising in popularity is Microsoft Edge. Edge has recently outdone Firefox in the worldwide desktop browser ratings and shares. It is now at an impressive spot, which is in the top 3 next to Chrome and Safari. Here are some of its most remarkable features you might be interested in.

Collections For Pages

Bookmarks and “favorites” are pretty standard among browsers. However, Edge has a distinct feature called Collections. With this feature, you can save valuable pages in a sidebar and sort them by topic. You’ll quickly find a page through the image displayed from the page in the same sidebar. To access Collections, you can click “+” at the top of the browser and delete it as you please effortlessly.

At BetterWorld Technology, we believe that business owners everywhere, from Chicago to Toronto, can benefit from this feature when they need to save essential pages for reference in improving their business.

Price Comparison And Coupons

You can easily take advantage of coupons and compare prices with Microsoft Edge because it notifies you automatically when you’re on a shopping site, helping you get the best promotions, especially when shopping for your business.

Security Features

Microsoft Edge has reliable security features such as its password monitoring feature, Microsoft Defender SmartScreen Protection, and three tracking prevention settings. These built-in security features are crucial to avoiding intrusive advertising trackers and phishing sites with malware, which helps improve the operations of your business.

Quick Screenshots

Taking screenshots is made easy with Microsoft Edge. You can click Web Capture in the browser menu and choose the region to capture. You can also add additional notes if you please.

Do You Need To Upgrade Your Browser?

At BetterWorld technology, we value our clients’ needs and consider their security a priority. We provide IT solutions to help your business thrive in this fast-paced, competitive digital arena. Contact us, and we will discuss some practical and feasible solutions for your unique business challenges.



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