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Microsoft Defender for Individuals — What Does It Do?

Since the pandemic began, the business workplace has become a hybrid, with employees creating mini offices in their homes. However, employees using personal devices for work communications risk your company data.

The good news is that Microsoft unveiled Microsoft Defender for Individuals earlier this year, a new-generation home security tool. This article, BetterWorld Technology, helps you understand this software and how it delivers IT support for your company.

What Exactly Is Microsoft Defender for Individuals?

A free tool for Personal or Family plan subscribers, this is a new app in the Microsoft 365 ecosystem. Usually, small businesses are looking for IT support, and this tool will protect your digital life against cyber threats.

Compared to the built-in Microsoft Security on windows, you must download Defender. It also offers advanced features like real-time protection and puts many digital protections into one place.

As a user, you can leverage the following functions:

  • Gain visibility into your device’s security status.

  • Extra protection against online threats, such as viruses or phishing.

  • Defend against advanced cyber threats by delivering alerts and recommendations.

  • To download Microsoft Defender, you must have an existing plan. Once downloaded, you can monitor and secure various devices, such as:

  • iPhone: iOS from 13.0 and up

  • Android: OS from 6.0 and up

  • Windows: Windows 10 version 19041.0 and higher

  • Mac: Catalina Intel Macs 10.15 and higher, and silicon-based Apple devices from 11.2.3 and up

How Many Devices Can You Add to a Plan?

Microsoft Defender allows you to protect up to 30 devices, depending on the plan. With the Microsoft 365 Personal plan, you get protection on up to five devices. Meanwhile, the Microsoft 365 Family Premium plan will protect up to 30 devices (five devices for every six people).

Learn More About IT Support With BetterWorld Technology

Your company’s data is at the core of your business. While outsourcing is always beneficial, you need to safeguard your information. At BetterWorld Technology, we believe that utilizing the latest technologies is everything you need for secured data in today’s hybrid workplace. Contact us for enhanced IT support no matter where your business is — Atlanta, Chicago, or anywhere in the US.

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