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Managed Service Providers and Health Care

Due to the amount of precious data stored within the healthcare industry, cybercriminals often target large or small organizations. This blog post discusses why you need managed service providers (MSPs) for your healthcare facility.

Why Is MSP Important for the Healthcare Industry?

Working with MSPs allows healthcare organizations to focus on their jobs while getting the technology and security expertise they need IT specialists. Here are a few reasons MSP is essential for protecting the healthcare industry.

  1. Keep Patient Data Private and Secure

Whether you're a small nonprofit provider, a large hospital, or a multinational organization, it's imperative that you take adequate security measures to ensure the safety of your patient's private data. Here are a few ways an MSP can do that for you:

  • Develop comprehensive processes for users and permissions

  • Create secure and effective password policies

  • Use data encryption for mobile devices

  • Separate user accounts for every individual

  • Train staff and prepare for breach attempts

  • Conduct periodic audits for gaps in security

  • Ensure limited permissions and secured access for vendor systems

  • Provide data backups that are maintained and monitored

  1. Stay Compliant With Government Regulations

Because of rapidly advancing technologies, the level of scrutiny for IT security and performance is higher than ever. Having a great MSP will ensure that your healthcare facility meets all government requirements while staying protected from hackers and other cybercriminals.

  1. Organize Systems and Data Policies

Organizations in the healthcare industry need to ensure that they have formal systems and data policies that include the following:

  • A clear plan for incident response

  • A straight-forward recovery plan

  • Steps that will protect your data and system

  • Documentation and reporting for incidents

  • A formal process to protect end users and their data

MSP Services With BetterWorld Technology

Hospitals, clinics, and other health-related services that only follow government regulations will need more protection for their electronic health records to avoid potential threats. Small businesses around Austin, Boston, and Chicago must be well protected.

Here at BetterWorld Technology, we aim to provide the best solutions for your MSP needs to lead you toward success. To get the latest technology updates, visit our website today.



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