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Is Your Company a Target for Cyber Attacks?

Cyber attacks are a looming danger at all times. Typically, a hacker will exploit systems with weak security protocols to make a profit, regardless of where it came from. Small businesses in Austin and other locations need to make a plan against these threats.

Is Your Industry One of the Targets?

Here at BetterWorld Technology, everyone should be aware of the industries usually targeted by cyber attacks. Here are some of those industries.


The manufacturing industry was the top target for cyber attacks last year. The industry’s technology is more focused on performance and not so much on security.


Malicious attackers can use the patient information stored in healthcare institutions for fraud. The devices used by hospitals to provide medical services are vulnerable to cyber attacks if no adequate security measures are put in place.

Government Agencies

Similar to healthcare facilities, government agencies are also vulnerable to attacks due to the substantial confidential information they keep. The sharing of data across devices is a channel that cybercriminals can exploit.

Financial Firms

Cloud applications used by financial firms make life easier for clients — but they’re a security nightmare for MSP and IT support services. Malicious attackers can exploit the transfer of information to and from the cloud.

Construction Industry

The construction industry is deemed an easy target because of the abundance of cash flow and a vast network of suppliers and third-party institutions. It is also common for construction companies to use outdated systems, exposing them to cyber attacks.

Let BetterWorld Technology Keep Your System Secure

Cyber attacks are always a threat. Let an MSP like BetterWorld Technology help. We have years of expertise in providing system security. Here at BetterWorld Technology, we believe that network and data security should be a priority. Get in touch with us!

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