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Important IT Policies Companies Should Implement

As a business owner, you are aware that having a good IT policy is vital. This ensures that your company’s data is protected and that your employees use technology safely and productively. But what are the key policies that every business should implement?

Password Security Policy

When your employees have access to sensitive company data, it is essential to have a password security policy in place. This policy should require employees to use strong passwords and update them regularly. It should also prohibit sharing passwords with others.

Acceptable Use Policy (AUP)

An AUP outlines the acceptable use of company resources, such as email, the internet, and company computers. It also covers prohibited activities, such as downloading copyrighted material or accessing inappropriate websites. It’s essential for any business, whether a small business or a large corporation, to have an AUP in place.

Cloud and App Use Policy

As more and more businesses move to the cloud, it is vital to have a cloud and app use policy in place. Most employees feel they can use any cloud-based app, but this is not the case. This policy should outline which cloud apps are approved for use and how employees can access them.

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) Policy

Here at BetterWorld Technology, we have a BYOD policy in place. This allows employees to use their own devices, such as laptops, smartphones, and tablets, for work purposes. However, they must follow specific guidelines, such as ensuring that all devices are password protected and have up-to-date security software installed.

Wi-Fi Use Policy

Our company strongly believes in the importance of security, which is why we have a Wi-Fi use policy. Today, many businesses offer Wi-Fi to their employees and customers. However, it is crucial to have a policy that outlines how employees use the Wi-Fi so that nothing happens that risks your company’s data.

Social Media Use Policy

It isn’t easy to monitor employee social media use, but having a social media use policy is crucial. There are various ways to approach this, but the procedure should at least outline what is considered acceptable use of social media while at work.

BetterWorld Technology Helps Businesses With Important IT Policies

We take pride in helping businesses of all sizes in San Francisco, Denver, Toronto, and other locations implement the important IT policies they need to succeed. If you would like help implementing any procedures mentioned in this blog post, or if you have any questions, contact us today!



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