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Holiday Fraud: What to Watch Out For

Now that the holiday season is here, hackers and scammers are doubling their efforts to steal from unwary individuals. So much online shopping happens during this period, so these malicious elements focus on cyberattacks. Businesses are especially vulnerable because of employees that aren’t aware of cybersecurity best practices.

As IT support experts, BetterWorld Technology has shared information to help you understand holiday fraud and what signs to look out for. Keep reading to learn more!

Phishing Links

Phishing is a method where hackers pose as legitimate people or companies to get information from you. Before, they used emails and similar channels, but their strategies have evolved, and now they even use mobile apps, social media, and text messages to obtain personal or company data. Some signs to watch out for are:

● Grammatical errors in messages.

● Unusual requests that involve asking for credentials.

● Email addresses and website domains that don’t match the legitimate ones.

● Confirmation links for purchases you didn’t make.

Gift Card Scams

Sending e-gift cards is a convenient way to spread joy even if you’re far from your recipient. However, these have also been exploited by scammers. They send fake e-gift cards to unsuspecting people who are more than happy to use them. However, they may contain malware or have links that mine personal information.

That’s why it’s always important to double-check who sent you gift cards. In addition, the legitimate ones have codes or vouchers you can redeem. If the ones sent to you have the following characteristics, then they might be fraudulent:

● Links instead of codes or vouchers.

● Sent by an unfamiliar or unknown person or organization.

Identity Theft

Identity theft is usually the result of successful phishing and malware attacks. When this happens, your or your employees’ credentials are already compromised. The hackers are already using your financial accounts to steal, resulting in mismatching bank statements, bouncing checks, and confirmation emails for purchases you never made. To prevent this, you might need IT support and services that protect you from holiday-related fraud.

Let BetterWorld Technology Help

Boost your cybersecurity measures this holiday season with BetterWorld Technology. With our comprehensive IT support solutions, you can get security training, heightened security protocols, and other services that protect your company from fraud. Contact us today to learn more!



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