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Discontinued Technology Tools You Should No Longer Use

Technology advances faster than we think. The favorite technological tools we used to know and utilize have since been rendered obsolete. While it may seem fine to continue using them for your networks and computers, this can lead to more breaches and attacks.

At BetterWorld Technology, you won’t have to put your business at risk with discontinued technology. We can ensure that your small business in St. Louis, Chicago, Atlanta (and more) are safe from any cybersecurity threats.

Here are the discontinued technology tools that your business should no longer use:

Internet Explorer

Internet Explorer used to be the most used browser in the world. However, competition pushed it out, and Microsoft Edge eventually replaced it.

Adobe Flash

Adobe Flash was an essential plugin once, but not anymore. It has already lost necessary support, such as security updates, as of the 1st of January, 2021.

Windows 7

Windows 10 and 11 are now supported by Microsoft instead of Windows 7 and earlier versions. Windows 7 is highly targeted by hackers, and if you still have this, it’s time to upgrade.

macOS 10.14 Mojave

While many still use this, know that Apple no longer supports macOS 10.14 and its earlier versions, leaving your equipment more vulnerable to data breaches or failure.

Oracle 18c Database

Make sure that the Oracle database you’re using is the current one. Oracle 18c lost all support in June 2021. The more recent versions, such as Oracle 19c and 21c, will also lose support come April 2024.

Microsoft SQL Server 2014

If you are an avid fan of SQL Server 24, know that its security updates will cease in 2024. It’s best to stop using this database tool now.

Upgrade With BetterWorld Technology

If you have a small business in Reston, Los Angeles, Austin, etc., you can rely on BetterWorld Technology to secure your system’s infrastructure and keep your business afloat. Contact us today for more information about our services and how we can help you.



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