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Cybersecurity: The Risks of Cloud-Based Software

Utilizing cloud-based software allows businesses to enjoy several benefits, like cost-efficiency, flexibility, better collaboration, and scalability. However, there are also risks and vulnerabilities associated with it. These

include lack of control and monitoring, unauthorized access and data loss, and more. That is why organizations should work with a reliable cybersecurity team like us to prevent potential cyberattacks. Read on to know more about the threats of cloud-based software and how we can help manage them for you.

Lack of Control and Monitoring

Transmitting data and business assets to the cloud means having limited operational control and monitoring. The tasks and responsibilities involving the policies and the system now lie in the cloud service provider (CSP). Thus, if problems occur, the recovery speed is also based on the provider’s performance. Meanwhile, if you work with a trusted cybersecurity team with managed IT services, you can gain more control and faster response time. We can monitor the network infrastructure and ensure that crucial business data is safe and secure.

Unauthorized Access and Data Loss

Among organizations, 70% name data leakage as their primary cloud security concern. This is partly because the CSP handles several parts of the system. Thus, sensitive data within the organization may be accessed by unauthorized persons. Moreover, if the CSP encounters cyberattacks and data breaches, you’ll also likely suffer from data loss and other serious damages. Apart from securing updated backups, utilizing O365 security, and other measures, work with an expert cybersecurity team, so your data remains safe against cybercriminals.

Potential Malware Attacks

Among enterprises, 98% dealt with a cloud security breach. This only shows that transferring volumes of crucial company data to the cloud includes the risk of facing various cyber threats like malware attacks. Hackers also continue to employ new and advanced methods for these attacks. Thus, you’ll need a cybersecurity partner offering managed IT services who can counter these modern techniques and keep your crucial data protected.

Compliance Issues

As data collected becomes increasingly sensitive, stricter regulations are expected. Apart from complying with standard security mechanisms like HIPAA and GDPR, data leak prevention is also mandated. However, due to the volume of data collected and the ingenuity of some cybercriminals, an all-purpose team can get overwhelmed. This can compromise data confidentiality and cause security compliance issues. With a separate cybersecurity team, the best security measures are adopted without being bogged down by other facets of operations.

Final Thoughts

Given the increasing risks of cyber attacks to different organizations, cybersecurity is indeed crucial in ensuring data control and monitoring, preventing unauthorized access and data loss, and blocking malicious activity. Thus, make sure to set up the necessary defenses by partnering with a reputable cybersecurity firm. Contact us today to get started!



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