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Cybersecurity Measures You Can Take To Protect Your Digital Home

Smoke alarms, outdoor lighting systems, door locks, speakers, heaters — each passing year, more and more of our devices are being connected to the internet to create the concept of a "smart home." These technological advances, commonly referred to as the Internet of Things (loT), may increase convenience and overall efficiency, yet they pose a new security risk.

At BetterWorld Technology, cybersecurity is essential in protecting your digital household.

Begin With Your Wireless Network

BetterWorld Technology advocates that you secure your Wi-Fi network, as your business's wireless router is the main entrance for cybercriminals to compromise your cybersecurity. Small tech companies in Cincinnati and surrounding areas must check their internet provider or router manufacturer's wireless security options. Your ISP may provide cybersecurity resources to protect your wireless networks, such as changing the default username and password.

Avoid Clicking and Telling

Disable location services that allow anyone to sneak into your business operations anytime. Limit information shared on social media — from personal addresses to regular meeting hotspots. BetterWorld Technology recommends storing Social Security numbers, account numbers, usernames, and passwords.

Enable Multi-factor Authentication (MFA)

Ensure that only you have access to your account. Businesses should use MFA for email, banking, and other services requiring log-in. At BetterWorld Technology, we strongly suggest enabling MFA using a trusted mobile device such as your smartphone to increase personal cybersecurity.

Connect and Protect

The best cybersecurity defense is to stay on top of things by updating to the latest security software and operating systems. For companies in Dallas and elsewhere, switch on automatic updates to protect yourself against the latest cybersecurity risks. In BetterWorld Technology, we also protect your devices with antivirus software and regularly back up any data you can't recreate.



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