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BetterWorld Technology Awarded The Manifest Global Award for Incredible Cybersecurity Services

Since a lot of companies are going digital, the need for reliable and up-to-date cybersecurity is a must!

There are a lot of perilous and malevolent viruses on the internet that’s why partnering with a company like BetterWorld Technology is a must! We are an IT company that has been around for 2 decades now. We’ve managed to receive countless recognitions from the industry and today, we are adding another one under our belt.

The Manifest has recently named us as a global leader on their platform for our incredible cybersecurity services. We are honored to be recognized by The Manifest! It is truly amazing news and we are happy to share this milestone with you.

The Manifest is a great how-to blog and company shortlisting website, to be featured on their site is a true milestone for all of us.

We’ve been dedicated to our craft ever since we started way back in 2003. Our goal has and will always be delivering impact-oriented managed IT solutions to our clients. We also worked with a variety of companies, from local, regional, and national nonprofits, to growing startups and Fortune 500s. Our extensive experience and knowledge of different industries have helped us in developing solutions that impact our clients’ businesses.

We are united by a passion for services and excellence, that is the BetterWorld Technology team. What sets us apart from the competition is our commitment to making sure our clients find success. It has always been our priority and it shows in the countless projects we delivered throughout the years.

Learn how our IT solutions can solve your unique business challenges. Connect with us today!



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