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Battery Saving Hacks for Your Laptop

There are many benefits to owning a laptop, such as bringing it with you wherever you go and using it without much setup. Unfortunately, your laptop’s battery capacity can get shorter as it gets older. Faulty laptop batteries can be frustrating, but there are tips you can follow to increase their charge time.

Tips to Improve Laptop Battery Life

The following are the best tips to eke out extra charge to your laptop batteries:

  1. Lower brightness settings: Reducing the brightness of your laptop’s display can significantly lower its battery power consumption.

  2. Reduce battery use: Windows users can set their power/sleep settings to maximize battery longevity, such as going to sleep when not in use.

  3. Activate battery-saver mode: Battery-saver mode can extend your laptop’s battery charge no matter how much power percentage it has left.

  4. Use battery calibration tool: Battery calibration tools can fix problems with your laptop’s battery life and potentially make it last longer.

  5. Get a tune-up: Having an expert tune-up your computer can address issues causing the device to consume more battery power than necessary.

  6. Use Microsoft Edge: The Microsoft Edge browser is known for its efficient settings and can help maximize your laptop's battery life.

  7. Deactivate unused apps: Turn off unused applications to conserve battery power.

  8. Avoid excessive heat or cold: Too much hot or cold temperatures aren’t suitable for laptops and can shorten their battery life.

Need Help With Your Laptop Battery Power?

If you’re looking to maximize the battery power of your laptop, then you’ve come to the right place. BetterWorld Technology has experts that can help you make the most of your laptops by optimizing their configurations.

Want to know more? Get in touch today.



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