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Basics for Multi-Factor Authentication

Digital security breaches and online identity theft are front-page headlines nowadays. As cybersecurity breaches and similar incidents become more prevalent, we at BetterWorld Technology believe you should activate multi-factor authentication (MFA), also known as two-factor authentication, for all your online activity.

This innovative technology is becoming widespread, with many institutions utilizing MFA from Cincinnati to San Francisco. To help keep your digital footprint safe from hackers, make sure to consider using this verification method.

The Basics of MFA

MFA is a cybersecurity measure in which an application or website aims to verify the user’s identity. The process involves at least two mediums of authentication derived from different sources. A person attempting to log into a digital system protected by MFA will only be provided access after sharing more than one data point associated with themselves.

How MFA Should Be Used

The types of digital credentials that you can store are categorized into three groups: information you know, have or are. We list some examples for each category below:

  • Information you know: Passwords/passphrases, PINs.

  • Information you have: Security tokens, verification texts/emails, or smart cards.

  • Information you are: Fingerprints, facial recognition, voice recognition.

You must provide credentials derived from at least two information groups to gain access. For example, it may generate a unique one-time code after logging in with a username and password, which you must enter accurately within a set amount of time.

When MFA Should Be Used

We at BetterWorld Technology suggest that MFA be used as an additional security layer for web pages with confidential information or whenever increased safety is required. Furthermore, as quoted from the National Institute of Standards and Technology, you must maximize the use of MFA when it comes to your most sensitive data, including your health records and financial accounts. For companies from Atlanta to Chicago, you must take the initiative to secure your business data.

Reach out to one of our experts today to learn more about MFA and how we can help you protect your business’ data and sensitive information.



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