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A Simple Guide for Better Endpoint Protection

Endpoints bridge a company’s employees to the company’s IT infrastructure. These points consist of devices, computer terminals, and other IoT assets that allow employees to use a company’s IT network.

On average, a company may have at least 100 endpoints. The number represents 100 ways to access a company’s IT network. This is good news for hackers and bad news for your business.

With IT support and some due diligence on your end, your endpoints and IT infrastructure will enjoy added protection against malware and unauthorized access.

Here’s our BetterWorld guide to better endpoint protection.

Stronger Passwords

User authorization grants access only to the people you know, but if passwords are easy to guess, authorization protocols won’t do much against security threats. One of the simplest ways to improve your endpoint protection is by implementing stronger passwords. One of the ways businesses have done this is by giving employees unique passwords. This way, threats become minimal and are easy to trace if they occur.

Multi-layer User Authorization

Stronger passwords can go a long way in protecting your IT network. However, you can add a layer of protection with additional layers of user authorization. Besides their passwords, you can require employees to input other details. You can set up biometrics as a secure authorization layer with an IT security solution.

Updated Malware Protection

Hackers use malware to infect computer networks. Besides making files useless or inaccessible, hackers can use malware to tamper with your business’s sensitive documents. Malware protection exists for the reasons mentioned.

Unfortunately, many small business owners either don’t invest in malware protection or fail to update theirs. If you want all-around security from breaches, invest in malware protection.

Require Employees To Report Stolen Devices Immediately

A device goes from asset to liability after someone steals it. A stolen device can grant access to an unauthorized user and compromise your network. As a business owner, you need to have policies for stolen devices. At the very least, require your employees to report device theft immediately. This way, you can deny access to the device.

Better Endpoint Protection and IT Support From BetterWorld Technologies

Small businesses in GA, MD, TX, NC, OH, NV, ID, NV, and CA, must prepare for security breaches. BetterWorld Technologies offers managed IT services and endpoint security to support small businesses in our service areas.

Give your business a bulwark of protection. Call us now, and let’s talk about bulletproofing your IT and endpoint security.



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