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3 Mistakes Companies Are Making in the Digital Workplace

The corporate world is in the midst of a digital workplace revolution. Due to the pandemic, companies are increasingly allowing their employees to work remotely.

While this work setup has a lot of advantages, there are also some challenges and risks that companies need to be aware of. Here are some of the mistakes companies are making in the digital workplace:

1. Not Utilizing the Cloud System

The cloud system offers many advantages for businesses, such as increased collaboration, flexibility, and scalability. However, many companies must utilize the cloud system to its full potential.

While the cloud can be an excellent tool for businesses, the system must be well-organized and accessible to all employees. There should be a straightforward process for how information is stored and accessed. Otherwise, it can just become another source of frustration for workers.

2. Communication Lapses

Remote work allowed employees to be anywhere. Some work in coffee shops, but others go back to their respective hometowns. Since they are in different physical spaces, it's critical to communicate clearly and concisely.

To avoid these communication lapses, companies must establish clear communication channels and ensure everyone is on the same page. They should also utilize video conferencing and other collaborative tools to help team members feel connected and informed.

3. Unprotected Network Connection

When employees are working remotely, they're often using their home Wi-Fi or other public networks. Using an unprotected network connection leaves the company's data vulnerable to cyberattacks.

To protect their data, businesses need to invest in secure network infrastructure and provide employees with guidance on keeping their networks safe. They should also have a plan for what to do during a breach.

Make "Work From Anywhere" Work For Everyone

Remote work is here to stay. With the help of expert IT support, your business can make sure that your digital workplace runs efficiently and smoothly.

BetterWorld Technology offers a full suite of IT services, from cloud computing to cyber security. We can help you implement the right tools and processes to support your remote workforce.

We've successfully helped countless small businesses in Indianapolis, Cincinnati, Dallas, and Boston establish an efficient and seamless remote network.

Contact us today to get started.



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