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BetterWorld Referral Program

Refer a Customer. Get Rewarded!

A referral is the best compliment our customers can give us. That’s why we want to reward you for doing it!

Two Ways To Earn

  • Two ways to earn
  • Free month of service up to the referral for the organization
  • $500 cash for an individual

Program Details

Once the deal closes, $500 will be sent to the person who provided the referral.

If a business owner provides the referral, they will receive a free month’s invoice (up to the size of the deal closing).

So, if we close a $5000/month deal and your company is paying us $2500/month you receive a free month. If we close a $1500/month deal and your company is paying $2500/month, your company receives $1500 off your invoices.

You MUST fill out the form in the upper right to start the referral process.

  • Deal must close within 6 months of the referral
  • Discounts on services only, no products

Contact Details

Referral Contact Details

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