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Virtual CISO Services

Security, Leadership And Advisory

vCISO offering is geared to supporting businesses and organizations that
require the Security Advisory and Compliance services and do not presently have that skill
set in their company. The vCISO service will consist of executive-level consulting and
information security expertise, akin to that provided by a full-time, in-house Chief
Information Security Officer.


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VCISO Responsibilities


At BetterWorld Technology, we offer a comprehensive engagement with our Virtual Chief Information Security Officer (vCISO). This collaboration will encompass a host of vital activities including


People and Policies

             We streamline your cybersecurity. We reassess your IT policies, identify resource gaps, and ensure your cybersecurity training aligns with compliance standards. Experience a  secure IT environment with our comprehensive approach.​


Architecture, Tools, and Training

            We will meticulously assess your current security architecture, understanding if it's equipped to face the constantly evolving cyber threats. Our experts will recommend the necessary upgrades to make it robust and contemporary.

- Vulnerability management
- Network Access Control
- Antivirus/Malware Detection
- Breach Detection/Eradication
- Auditing/Compliance
- Network Security Devices (IDS/IPS)
- Security Awareness Training


Security Tool Suite Analysis

           Our team will conduct an exhaustive review of your security tool suite, ensuring they provide the necessary visibility to identify and manage emerging cyber threats. We will identify and suggest technologies and services that manage vulnerabilities, control network access, detect malware, audit compliance, and more if necessary.

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Keep Your IT Environment Healthy

From antivirus monitoring to performance checks across all servers, network devices and workstations, remote monitoring and management ensures the operational integrity of your systems.


BetterWorld Technology’s proactive maintenance reduces operational costs and fixes issues without disrupting employees or causing downtime.

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