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 Managed Enterprise-Grade Breach Monitoring
Intrusion Detection System Services For Your Protection

Intrusion Protection & Prevention Solutions

Every organization, regardless of its scale, faces the potential threat of a cyberattack. These attacks can be particularly crippling for small and mid-sized businesses, some of which may never fully recover. To ensure the safety of your business, it's prudent to establish a proactive defense.

Better World Technology's intrusion detection and response (IDR) solution acts as a robust barrier against attackers, safeguarding your company. What's more, it furnishes enterprise-level protection at a price suitable for small businesses, delivering a cost-efficient means to shield your organization from these digital threats.


Detect and Stop Attacks

When a cyberattack occurs, IDR will detect and stop the attack before it can do serious damage to your business.


Build Trust With Your Customers

A security breach can devastate your relationship with your customers. IDR helps you to keep their information safe.


Keep Your Business Compliant

Better world technologies IDR solution is designed to meet the regulatory and compliance standards of a large number of industries.

What Are Intrusion Detection & Prevention System (IDPS) Services?

Better World Technology's IDPS services offer an all-encompassing solution for continuous threat monitoring, detection, and remediation, operating around the clock to fortify your business. These services are meticulously crafted to swiftly identify and thwart cyberattackers. In the event of an attack being intercepted, our team of experts promptly initiates a response plan to neutralize the threat and ensure the security of your organization.

What Is the Difference Between an IPS and an IDS?

An intrusion prevention system (IPS) serves as a protective control system, functioning as a robust firewall to enhance the security of your business. Conversely, an intrusion detection system (IDS) operates as a monitoring system, proficient in detecting cyberattacks, although it may not actively prevent them. While these two systems frequently complement each other, it's worth emphasizing that Better World Technology's services are purposefully designed not only to detect but also to halt and neutralize cyberattacks, ensuring comprehensive protection for your business.

Benefits of IDPS Solutions

Cyberattacks have grown so common that the question is no longer 'if' but rather 'when.' Establishing an IDPS solution is among the most effective measures to safeguard your organization. When you opt for these services through Better World Technology, you gain access to a cost-effective solution that provides top-tier security while remaining budget-friendly. Here are some of the key advantages.


24/7 Data Protection

Cyberattackers want access to your organization’s most sensitive data. With IDPS solutions, you can keep that information protected 24/7/365.


Seasoned Expertise

Better World Technology's IDPS solutions provide you with access to a team of highly experienced security experts, among the finest in the industry, who will diligently monitor your systems.


Early Detection

In the midst of a cyberattack, time is of the essence. Better World Technology's IDPS solutions are instrumental in swiftly detecting and putting a halt to attacks, minimizing potential damage.


Cost Savings

It takes a lot of time and resources to establish 24/7 monitoring and protection from an in-house team. Outsourcing these services instead is an excellent, cost-effective solution.


Peace of Mind

Are you tired of worrying about cyberattacks? Then you need the peace of mind offered by protection you know you can trust.

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How Does EDR Support Work?

To effectively thwart cyberattackers, it's imperative to promptly identify and prevent attacks from causing harm to your organization. Better World Technology's IDPS services are specifically engineered for this purpose. We implement a three-tiered system to ensure continuous protection.

The initial layer features an automated threat detection system that aggregates data from computers, network devices, and firewalls across your organization, actively scanning for anomalies. This system maintains round-the-clock surveillance to detect any signs of a potential attack.

Upon detecting an anomaly, the second layer of defence comes into play. This is when our seasoned security experts take action to verify the existence of a genuine threat. Should a threat be confirmed, these experts promptly devise a strategy to counter the attack, drawing upon their extensive cybersecurity expertise.

The third layer of defence is provided by our proficient technicians who execute the devised strategy in real-time, safeguarding your business from cyberattacks without disrupting your operations.

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