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BetterWorld Tech - Pro IT Assest Disposal

Professional IT Asset Disposal

Seamless Transition, Responsible Disposal

The IT Asset Disposition (ITAD) service by BetterWorld Technology allows customers to dispose of outdated, retired, or unwanted workstations in a secure and eco-friendly way. This service replaces the once complicated and inconsistent process of workstation disposal, making it easy, standardized, and cost-effective within the app.

BetterWorld Tech - Pro IT Assest Disposal

We Do The Work

Whether you’ve identified EOL assets through Insights, or have planned to retire a workstation via an Initiative or Roadmap, disposing of an asset at the end of its lifecycle is easy.


Here’s how:

Log in to Lifecycle Manager

Select ITAD

Select the workstation(s) for disposition

Add the desired workstation(s) to cart

Checkout and download and print your shipping label

Box the workstation(s) up

Schedule a pickup or find a dropoff location

Rinse and repeat

Why should you use
ScalePad ITAD?

Certified Disposition

ScalePad’s ITAD service protects your clients’ data and provides them with third-party validation of your services. Once an asset is disposed of through ITAD, a certificate of disposition is issued and is made available in the Lifecycle Manager app.

Data Security

Clients trust you to maintain and improve their IT environments and this extends to their data security and protection. All workstations disposed of through ScalePad ITAD have data erased to NIST 800-88 standards, ensuring clients’ private information is destroyed.

Generate Revenue While Saving Time & Money

ScalePad IT Asset Disposal (ITAD) is a new service found within Lifecycle Manager that enables your MSP to easily dispose of outdated, retired, or unwanted workstations in a secure and environmentally-conscious manner.

ITAD takes the once difficult and unstandardized process of workstation disposal (hello recycling runs and storage closets) and creates a scalable, standardized, and cost-effective process all in-app.

Environmental Compliance & Responsibility

ScalePad ITAD can help ensure that your MSP is in compliance with your county or state regulations pertaining to the proper disposal and recycling of electronic waste.

*ITAD is only currently available in the US.

BetterWorld Tech - Pro IT Assest Disposal

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