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BetterWorld Knowledge Center

Your IT Tech Tutor

BetterWorld Tech Knowledge Center is your go-to digital training hub, designed specifically for organizations looking to empower their teams with expertise in Microsoft 365 and other essential business applications.

With a subscription to our Knowledge Center, you gain immediate access to a comprehensive library of on-demand tutorials and live virtual classes, all led by industry experts. Additionally, we offer personalized coaching on Microsoft 365's best practices and an exclusive ROI calculator to track and measure user engagement effectively.

Experience a unique combination of educational resources and tools at an unparalleled value, only available through the BetterWorld Tech Knowledge Center.

  • Over 2,500 Courses: From Adobe to Microsoft 365 to G Suite, we've got it all!

  • On-Demand & Instructor-Led Training: Choose your learning path with flexible options.

  • Exclusive Monthly Webinars: Dive into trending topics with our live Q&A sessions.

  • Customizable Private Training: Tailored to your needs, from 45-minute briefings to in-depth workshops.

Pricing and Options:

  • Add to Your Existing Managed Services: Enhance your current package with access to The BetterWorld Knowledge Center at a special bundled rate.

  • Stand-Alone Subscription: Interested only in our training services? Sign up exclusively for The BetterWorld Knowledge Center at an attractive price.

Why Choose Your IT Tech Tutor?

  • 2 Live Classes Every Month: Engage with instructors in a live learning environment.

  • Hundreds of Recorded Webinars: Catch up on what you missed at your convenience.

  • Custom Class Options: Your unique needs are met with our personalized approach.

The BetterWorld Knowledge Center is more than a learning platform. It's a gateway to new skills, increased efficiency, and your next level of success.

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What can you expect at Better World Technology

Upon enrollment, your users will receive an invitation to set up their individual accounts, granting them comprehensive access to the ongoing training recommended by Datamax. Our training format is designed to be incredibly convenient, eliminating the need for travel or taking a full day off from work responsibilities. What's more, it doesn't matter where you're located—only a solid Internet connection is necessary, as all our classes are conducted online using virtual classroom technology, offered in both full-day and 90-minute sessions.

Furthermore, as part of Datamax's commitment to your success, we will provide quarterly training reports as part of our business reviews. These reports will include valuable insights on a) employee engagement, b) user activity (such as minutes spent watching content), and c) anticipated productivity improvements and cost savings resulting from the phasing out of other training methods.

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