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Managed EDR for Cybersecurity
Endpoint Detection & Response Services

Rapidly Detect and Respond to Ongoing Threat

Effective cybersecurity for businesses relies heavily on the vigilant monitoring of endpoints to detect and respond to potential threats. BetterWorld Technology's EDR and MDR solutions offer valuable support to strengthen your cybersecurity posture through services such as managed detection and response and managed endpoint security. The critical objective is to spot potential threats at the earliest possible stage, allowing you to thwart them before they escalate into major issues. If you're considering the benefits of managed detection and response services, look no further than Better World for a solution.

For businesses with an online presence, especially those that collect customer data, cybersecurity is an essential component in safeguarding both your business and your valued clientele. While you can gain foundational knowledge from an endpoint detection and response guide, comprehending the concept is not equivalent to executing an effective EDR plan. This is where Better World Technology's EDR and MDR planning services prove their worth. Better World Technology can assist you in the prompt identification of ongoing threats, thereby facilitating the mitigation of such risks.

Some examples of persistent threats that can be uncovered through endpoint detection and response include malware, ransomware, and exploit chains. Cybersecurity threats have the potential to cause a multitude of complications, including data breaches involving sensitive information and financial losses, among other detrimental consequences. Better World Technology's managed endpoint detection and response solutions ensure that your business remains shielded from potential threats through a collaborative effort involving both artificial intelligence and human expertise."

What Are EDR Services?

Endpoint detection and response (EDR) is a cybersecurity service that involves gathering security-related data from various endpoints, such as computers, to identify and respond to potential security threats. Through real-time monitoring and automated response and analysis, EDR seeks to identify and respond to threats before they become a significant problem. 

Endpoint Protection

As remote work gains popularity and employees opt to use their own devices, the devices your business utilizes become especially susceptible to threats. Endpoint protection stands as the bedrock of EDR services, continuously monitoring for potential threats and taking action to mitigate them at the earliest stages. Better World employs AI-driven technology to ensure robust endpoint protection.

Log Aggregation

Endpoint protection generates a multitude of logs, and BetterWorld has the capability to access each of these individual logs for in-depth exploration of potential threats to your business. The analysis of logs is a crucial stage in uncovering patterns that can offer valuable insights into cybersecurity. BetterWorld has the ability to parse these logs, identifying patterns that may signal an impending attack or a security-related concern with your endpoints.


Protecting your devices from potential threats after an attack has already commenced is not sufficient. Security measures must evolve in response to each new attack. Better World leverages machine learning to recognize patterns, enhance threat identification, and analyze security-related data. This approach enables us to gain deeper insights into the threats your organization faces and develop more effective response strategies.


Analysis is a key component of EDR services from BetterWorld. We collect vast quantities of data relating to the endpoints we monitor and the potential threats they face, allowing us to analyze that data to learn more about your devices and any potential vulnerabilities. With EDR Advanced from Better World, you'll have a team of experts analyzing crucial endpoint data to gain valuable insights.

EDR Solution Features

As a business owner, outsourcing to endpoint detection and response companies can help you save valuable time and money. One of the biggest benefits of outsourcing EDR to BetterWorld Technology is accessing time-tested technology and security experts working to protect your business from potential threats.


Control Costs

When safeguarding your business, one crucial aspect to consider is the expenses related to cybersecurity. Striking the right balance between fortifying your defenses with a robust, multi-layered security system and staying within your budgetary constraints is essential. BetterWorld Technology's EDR solutions introduce a pivotal component to your cybersecurity strategy without breaking the bank. Additionally, EDR services bring about cost and time savings by relieving you of the burden of addressing every security threat independently. We even offer EDR Core, an economical yet effective basic EDR service that employs AI to shield your business."


Understand Attacks and Vulnerabilities

Understanding cybersecurity attacks is crucial to responding to and proactively identifying threats. BetterWorld technology uses AI to monitor your endpoint for potential threats, allowing us to collect related logs. Experts at BetterWorld technology can read through these logs to identify patterns or suspicious activity that may indicate an incoming attack. As we better understand your endpoints and the types of attacks you're vulnerable to, we can work with you to help patch those vulnerabilities and prevent attacks. And, as always, Better World has you covered when responding to cyberattacks.


Respond Quickly

Swift response time plays a pivotal role in safeguarding your business against the ever-present cybersecurity threats. Without an effective endpoint detection and response system in place, the realization of being under attack might come too late. BetterWorld Technology's EDR and MDR solutions empower you to detect threats at the earliest possible juncture, equipping you with the capability to respond promptly. While proactive security remains a fundamental aspect of endpoint detection and response, it's important to understand that no system is completely immune to cyberattacks.

The reassuring news is that BetterWorld Technology can guide you in responding effectively and swiftly, thereby mitigating potential damage and keeping your business operations on course.


Prevent Attacks

The primary objective of endpoint detection and response solutions is to thwart attacks before they materialize. Swift and efficient responses play a vital role in averting downtime and associated issues that can consume your time and financial resources. At BetterWorld Technology, we employ a combination of AI technology and a team of experts to maintain continuous vigilance over your endpoints. This watchful eye is poised to detect any indications of a potential attack. Our AI has the capability to identify unusual patterns and suspicious behaviors that might hint at an impending threat to your organization. In such cases, we take immediate action to neutralize the threat and safeguard your company's reputation.


Machine-Learning-Based Responses

Handling significant threats in the realm of cybersecurity can be intricate, yet certain breaches can be effectively subdued through automated responses. As BetterWorld Technology becomes more acquainted with your endpoints and the challenges they encounter, our AI system becomes increasingly proficient at identifying and mitigating threats. While it's not feasible to automate every facet of the managed detection and response process, we can automate specific responses to enhance efficiency, ultimately saving you both time and money. To delve deeper into this subject, you can refer to our endpoint security guide tailored for businesses. It provides a starting point to actively reduce the number of vulnerabilities your company may confront."

Proactive Managed Detection Response

Managed Detection and Response (MDR) services empower your business to take a proactive stance on cybersecurity, paving the way for a safer digital environment. So, what exactly is managed detection and response? With BetterWorld Technology's MDR services, a fusion of AI and human expertise comes into play to swiftly pinpoint potential threats.

Our comprehensive suite of managed IT services encompasses MDR, alongside various other cybersecurity solutions, ensuring your business remains shielded from the constant menace of malware and data breaches. Moreover, our flexible approach allows you to tailor your managed security services plan to precisely match your business's security needs, eliminating the need to pay for services you don't require.

It's essential to recognize that not all MDR providers are created equal. Endpoint detection and response pricing may vary, but the true differentiator lies in the technology and services on offer. BetterWorld Technology harnesses cutting-edge artificial intelligence to proactively detect potential threats, streamlining the mitigation process and safeguarding your business. Our AI technology comes as a standard feature with our EDR Core plan, which serves as our fundamental endpoint detection and response service. For larger enterprises seeking enhanced protection, our EDR Advanced plan couples AI with a team of experts to swiftly identify and respond to threats.

Better World Technology's Managed Detection and Response Services

With extensive experience collaborating with a diverse array of small and midsize businesses (SMBs), BetterWorld Technology possesses deep insights into the unique challenges facing such enterprises. This expertise allows us to tailor our MDR and EDR services to your specific requirements. While some MDR vendors primarily cater to larger corporations, selecting the right MDR services is paramount. Whether you're running a non-profit organization or a legal firm, Better World Technology collaborates with you to craft a customized cybersecurity strategy that prevents potential threats from impacting your business.

How Does EDR Support Work?

When it comes to fortifying your business against potential cybersecurity threats, BetterWorld Technology provides a straightforward solution. Starting with EDR Core, our basic package leverages AI to swiftly identify and respond to threats. For enhanced protection, EDR Advanced goes a step further, incorporating all the features of EDR Core, along with a dedicated team of security experts who scrutinize data and bolster your business's defenses. With round-the-clock, year-round service and continually advancing state-of-the-art technology, Better World Technology is your partner in navigating the complexities of cybersecurity and safeguarding your business.

Managed detection and response stands among the array of managed IT services available through Better World Technology. Our team of security experts is well-equipped to assist you in crafting a resilient cybersecurity strategy tailored to your business's unique needs. This equips you to defend against attacks by harnessing cutting-edge technology and expert guidance. Get in touch with Better World Technology today to explore EDR pricing, features, and understand why endpoint detection and response is essential for your business.

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