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Why Cloud Data Security Is Important

Cloud technology is taking the IT world by storm as it experiences massive adoption in various industries. However, the prevalence of cloud data technology has created a rise in the capabilities of hackers as they steal and breach data. For this reason, BetterWorld Technology believes that cloud data security is essential to any small business using cloud technology.

Learn more about the importance of cloud data security and why you need it for your business, wherever you are.

Automated Data Security

Antivirus software is the go-to means of data security for many startups and medium-sized businesses. Unfortunately, while effective, antivirus software contains security gaps. For the most part, the antivirus will only perform its task when you run it.

The problem with running antivirus software is that it’s time-consuming. Most importantly, it won’t prevent threats in real-time. However, with BetterWorld Technology’s cloud data security, you receive automated data protection and 24/7 IT support. You won’t have to run your antivirus software multiple times daily, and your data stays protected. In short, you experience 24/7 security protection when you sign up for a cloud data security service.

Data Recovery and Backup

It’s easy to develop strategies for detecting and removing threats, creating the IT infrastructure and tactics for recovering compromised or damaged data after a security breach is challenging for most startups.

Cloud data security is the solution. Part of the services in our cloud data security is data recovery and backup. As a managed IT support service, our data recovery service helps you get your data back after a security event — untampered, intact, and 100% usable.

24/7 IT Support

Sometimes, you need help with your cloud data and security. You may also have inquiries about patches and updates. For these situations, you can benefit from a company that offers IT support as part of your cybersecurity package.

Our 24/7 IT support is here for you at any time. Learn more about our security packages and support by contacting or visiting us in our service locations.

IT Support and Cloud Data Security That Gives Your Business a Bulwark of Cloud Protection

Cloud data security is only as good as the IT support that renders it. This is why we offer IT support and services that help your business survive threats and prevent them.

Reach out now for managed IT services and cybersecurity that puts your protection ahead of the curve.



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