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Ways to Protect your VOIP Network

Most businesses use reliable VoIP systems that allow for efficient and flexible management. Yet, as cyberattacks become more prevalent, there are many issues that businesses often overlook. Every company should protect its VoIP system using cybersecurity best practices. Here at Better World Technology, we've identified these common threats and how to prevent them from harming you.

The Need for VoIP Protection

The Internet's reliability is one reason many businesses are vulnerable to various security issues. All VoIP systems need stability to be able to use their features. This is a widespread problem in the United States, whether in Texas, California, or Washington DC. Here's how an attacker could get into your system over the Internet.

● Malware: Attackers install software that steals information through your phone.

● War Dialing: An attacker has taken over a company's phone system and is trying to grant access to the rest of the system.

● Toll Fraud: A hacker uses his VoIP system to dial expensive international phone numbers in an attempt to bill the company.

● Phishing: Attackers attempt to obtain company information by sending disguised messages or emails.

● Denial of Service (DoS): Hackers overload a system and attempt to shut it down and render it unusable.

● Call interception: An attacker attempts to control the traffic of a VoIP system and reroute calls.

Tips for Enhancing VoIP Security

Improving cybersecurity means streamlining some of your business system tasks and processes. It's as easy as updating your current infrastructure or using security tools. The most common ways BetterWorld customers use them are:

● Configure Firewall

● Update Password Combination

● Restrict Unsolicited International Calls

● Disable VoIP Web Interface

● Use VPN

● Prevent Suspicious Activity Encourage employees to report.

Take Back Control of VoIP Security

VoIP systems are a great alternative to traditional telephone lines and are used by many customers. BetterWorld serves states such as Virginia, New York, Indiana, and Nevada. However, they are always at risk of attack since they are connected to the Internet. If you're worried about cyber security, make protection a priority. Take some time to learn about these threats and the steps you can take to improve your business VoIP system. If you would like a more detailed plan, don't hesitate to contact us.



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