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Tips for Online Holiday Shopping

Shopping for the holidays is in full swing. So, cybercriminals have likewise cranked up their game. While online shopping is fun and exciting this time of year, exercising caution is crucial. Here are a few essential safety guidelines for those who do most of their shopping online.

Make Sure Your Device Is Updated

Cyberattacks on mobile devices frequently exploit vulnerabilities in the operating system. With the latest updates installed, consumers will have fewer security flaws.

Avoid Clicking on Links in Emails

The holiday season is when phishing attacks peak. Malware can be downloaded automatically if a user visits a malicious website via a link in an email. That’s why it’s safer to visit websites directly.

Pay Using a Wallet App

Consumers should never completely trust a website with their card information. At BetterWorld Technology, we recommend you use a mobile wallet app or PayPal for your purchases, if possible.

Delete Saved Credit Cards After Shopping

Many websites save credit card information automatically. However, there is a chance that the store’s database will be breached, and a hacker will use accounts or compromised info for their own gain. That’s why it’s best to delete credit card information after completing a purchase.

Ensure That HTTPS Is Used on the Site

Most reputable websites use HTTPS as their default security protocol. When a website uses HTTPS, sensitive information is encrypted while being sent to the server. Small businesses can acquire HTTPS via IT support services from BetterWorld Technology.

Verify That the Web Address Is Correct

Cybercriminals buy domains similar to well-known retailers and set up fake websites to take advantage of customers who make typos when entering a website’s URL. Because of this, shoppers should take a moment to verify the web address.

Watch Out for Suspicious Emails and Texts Pretending To Be From Reputable Brands

Cybercriminals are aware that consumers are waiting for emails from shops announcing Christmas deals, confirming orders, and notices of shipping. They exploit these emails as a template when impersonating legitimate businesses and lure people into clicking or logging in to a harmful website.

If you need help with device protection, a Managed Security Provider (or MSP) like BetterWorld Technology can help .Contact us today to learn more about how we can help your Chicago business with Managed IT Services.



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