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The Most Important Authentication Rules for Access Management

Contextual authentication is an extra layer of security that businesses can adopt to protect themselves from cyberattacks. Most companies use MFA technology that limits access depending on the employee's restriction. With it, you can limit access to certain parts of your building, server, and more.

Contextual authentication takes this security further by preventing access by detecting unusual activity. At Better World Technology, we believe this is something that all businesses should adopt.

How Does It Work?

Contextual authentication detects certain factors and checks if there’s something unusual about them. For example, some employees are accessing the server outside of office hours. You set up the authentication to detect this behavior as one of the dangers to your company, preventing access. This detection also enhances cybersecurity by setting access parameters for:

● Resources accessed

● Login frequency

● The device used

● Location

Contextual authentication is one of the best ways to prevent cyberattacks from other countries on your company’s critical data. It improves security efficiency by creating ways to further filter access and doesn’t have to fully block it either, as that may become a problem in terms of convenience. Some companies can set up an additional challenge for users to complete in order to get access. This authentication increases protection while still allowing employees to access the company server during emergency situations.

The ability to filter access can be a great way to protect your company. In today’s remote world, businesses are partnering with others from different locations. You may be operating in Chicago, but have a partner in Las Vegas. You can provide access to Las Vegas and later remove that access when the contract is over. That way, you protect yourselves from the dangers of oversharing access. At Better World Technology, we’ve helped many companies from various locations implement contextual authentication. You can find us to set up these protective measures in areas like:

● Orlando, FL

● Toronto, ON

● San Francisco, CA

● London, UK

● Austin, TX

● Los Angeles, CA

● And More

An Adaptive Solution

Contextual authentication can make work run smoother because it verifies users automatically. It can also be an alternative to passwords, which can become headaches to constantly change. You can also incorporate contextual authentication technology into already-existing networks, where it can act as an added verification with MFA. Contact Better World Technology to learn more about how you can adopt this modern security measure in your business.



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