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Insider Threats Are Getting More Dangerous! Here's How to Stop Them

In today's digital world, threats are becoming more common as many IT teams lack the proper resources and tools to secure their systems. Insider threats are IT security concerns caused by individuals within an organization, intentional or unintentional. At BetterWorld Technology, we discuss four common insider threats to prepare you better to protect your IT systems.

Malicious Insiders

These employees have malicious intent and seek to damage the organization's operations, networks, and data for personal gain or other reasons. This can be anything from a resigning employee taking confidential information to an employee that has been fired and wants to cause disruption.

Negligent or Careless Insiders

These employees may unintentionally put the organization at risk due to a lack of IT security and compliance training, carelessness with confidential information, or other negligent acts.

Compromised Insiders or Unknowing Third Parties

Contractors, freelancers, and other third-party users can often unintentionally compromise IT systems. These users may not have the same IT security protocols as permanent employees, leaving an easy target for malicious actors.

Hacker That Compromises a Password

This type of IT security threat is complicated to detect, as the user appears to be authorized and can easily access the information they are not supposed to have access to.

Ways to Mitigate Insider Threats

While it can be a daunting task to detect insider threats, we at BetterWorld Technology believe that having mitigation measures in place is the key to IT security.

Here are some of the best tactics for reducing insider threat risk:

-Thorough Background Checks: Whether you have a business in Austin, New York, California, or any other location and need to hire new employees, always perform thorough background checks.

-Endpoint Device Solutions: Endpoint devices must be monitored and managed at all times, even if third-party users own them. You can manually set up a blockage from unauthorized or suspicious activity or leverage automated endpoint device solutions for an even more secure system.

-Multi-factor Authentication and Password Security: Multi-factor or two-factor authentication, along with password security measures like encryption and hashing, help to minimize the access of malicious actors or compromised insiders.

-Data Security Training: Educating your team on IT security and compliance measures is key to avoiding threats from within the organization. Make sure everyone in your company knows which practices to follow and how to protect confidential information adequately.

-Network Monitoring: AI-enabled threat monitoring systems allow you to monitor your network and detect possible threats in real time. These systems can detect suspicious behavior and alert you when a hacker compromises a password, or an employee engages in malicious activities.

Put a Stop to Insider Attacks With BetterWorld Technology

At BetterWorld Technology, we pursue an innovative approach to IT security and compliance, helping companies remain safe from insider threats. Contact us today and learn what we can do to help you protect your company from insider threats.



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