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How Unified Communications Improve Business Productivity

From unsynchronized workflows to out-of-reach team members, hindrances to business productivity abound. Small businesses nationwide suffer from these barriers to productivity. The only way to resolve this is to put measures in place to facilitate real-time communication and collaboration among teams.

Luckily, we at BetterWorld Technology have found the solution in unified communications. Unified communications enable team members and staff to access a cloud-backed voice-over-internet protocol (VoIP) to raise issues, send notifications, and update the team on progress wherever they are. We’ll dig into how our unified communications service can improve your business productivity.

Reduced Operating Costs

Phone communications are quickly becoming obsolete. Much to the chagrin of small business owners worldwide, such outdated communications incur unnecessary expenses.

Unified communications infrastructures rely on VoIP and cloud storage, significantly cutting costs. Our unified communications services come with VoIP, cloud storage, Office-on-the-Go, and 24/7 support for a single fee.

Improved Collaboration that Streamlines Your Workflow

One of the most common pain points for many small businesses is poor team synchronicity; this results in teams that struggle to collaborate, causing missed deadlines and slower workflows. A unified communications infrastructure can quickly solve this problem.

Unified communications allow team members to communicate and collaborate from many access points in real-time. From desktop to mobile, unified communications allow for cross-device communication. We at BetterWorld Technology offer full mobile app access as part of our unified communications services.

Remote Workforce Readiness through Unified Communications

The recent pandemic exposed several vulnerabilities in remote work readiness. The rise in work-from-home arrangements has created a compelling case for the importance of unified communications.

Unified communications don’t just make communication across devices possible — it also makes it efficient and in real-time with the help of cloud storage and well-maintained VoIPs. We at BetterWorld Technology can optimize your unified communications to put your remote workforce in sync with one another and with you.

Give Your Business Productivity a Boost With Our Unified Communications Services

At BetterWorld Technology, we believe in the importance of communication and collaboration. For this reason, we place heavy emphasis on delivering the best-unified communications services to businesses.

Make your workflows seamless, synchronized, and efficient in every way. Call us now to learn more about how we at BetterWorld Technology can revolutionize your company with unified communications.



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