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How to Protect Printers from Cybercrime

Cybercriminals often identify the weakest network links to exploit valuable data. Unfortunately, business owners and decision-makers often overlook one of the most-used machines in the workspace: the printer.

If you haven’t invested in protecting your printers yet, this article is for you. We’ll discuss five practical tips to keep your printers safe from cyberattacks.

1. Check Printer Configurations

Several factors make it easier for cybercriminals to hack into your system, including weak passwords and network settings. For this reason, it’s essential to use strong passwords and never easy-to-guess ones like password or 123456. Use your router when you need to print files remotely; never use guest networks for such things.

2. Secure Printer Ports

Unsecured ports are often the culprits of cyberattacks. If possible, enable only the printing protocols you will use. For instance, most newer printers use IPPS protocol via SSL port 443, so keep that open. You can turn off services like AppleTalk or Telnet if you don’t use them.

3. Install Firmware Updates

Keeping your firmware up to date can do wonders for your security efforts. Most printers now come with pre-built malware prevention software, like HP’s SureStart software, which validates a printer’s BIOS and automatically shuts down during an attack.

4. Use a Firewall

Firewalls are some of the most commonly used anti-cybercrime tools today. Having a reliable firewall shields your computer or network from malicious network traffic. Some providers, like Windows, have pre-installed firewalls that you should keep enabled at all times.

5. Limit or Disable Network Printing

An unprotected printer connected to a network leaves it vulnerable to attacks. If possible, disable anything that involves printing online. This includes configuring network settings to answer only your network router’s commands. Turn off your printer when not in use. No one can attack a disconnected printer.

Beef Up Your Cybersecurity Efforts Now

Remember, anything you connect to the internet becomes a target for cybercriminals, including printers in the office or remote work areas.

At BetterWorld Technology, we can strengthen your cybersecurity. We’ve worked with hundreds of companies nationwide for the past 19 years, and we’re glad to be of service.

Request a free cyber risk assessment to protect your organization from modern threats.



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