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How To Prepare When Contacting IT SupportContact IT support

Contact IT support if your computer (desktop, laptop, etc.) is giving you problems and not functioning as it should. At BetterWorld Technology, we believe reaching out to our IT help desk is necessary to have your questions answered and issues fixed promptly. This can save your business from decreased productivity or extended downtime.

Here are some tips to remember before calling IT support.

Give as Much Information as Possible

Make sure to give IT all the necessary information to resolve the issue faster. Before contacting IT support, go through these helpful troubleshooting steps:

  • Is the computer plugged in?

  • Are the lights on the computer flashing?

  • Can you move the mouse or type on the keyboard?

  • What did the error message say?

The more information you gather, IT support can resolve the issue sooner.

Have Necessary Information Ready

Please have the following information ready when contacting IT support.

  • Name and organization

  • Location

  • Computer or device name

IT support can start processing your concern once you relay this information.

Restart Your Computer

Have you restarted your computer? This may seem very basic, but this process can help catch issues before they become more significant problems. We understand that continuing may take some time, but it will be worth it since most problems can be resolved this way.

We’re Here To Help!

Are you looking for a reliable IT help desk to support your business? Small businesses in Chicago and other locations can rely on us. Our team at BetterWorld Technology will ensure that your company has access to the best IT support at any time!

We are here to help and provide excellent IT support whenever you need it. Contact us today to learn more about BetterWorld Technology’s IT help desk.



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