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How To Improve Cybersecurity for Businesses

The security measures you implement can make or break your business’s cybersecurity. With data breaches taking place left and right, you need innovative ways to bulletproof your business. Here at BetterWorld Technology, we believe that improving cybersecurity should be the top priority of small companies all over the United States and Canada. Our company has found the following security measures effective through our innovative and client-centered approach.

Implement these security measures, and you will be securing your data assets from hackers and other growing online threats.

1. Use Multiple Levels of Access Authentication

Multi-factor authentication protects your data and other assets from skilled hackers. Besides strong passwords, you need to have other means of authentication for each team member or employee.

Other authentication methods can include mobile numbers, biometrics on mobile devices, and alternative codes. At BetterWorld Technology, we quickly set this up for our clients. We also set up multi-factor authentication to factor in mobile device access.

2. Restrict Access and Have a Record of Employees (and Devices) Granted Access

It is crucial to limit the number of people accessing your files, documents, or other data assets. Also, keep a log of employees or parties who should access these assets. This way, you will not be off guard if you suspect a data breach.

3. Backup Data Using Cloud Storage

All businesses need to have a plan for accessing data in the event of a breach. Backing up data on the cloud is a way to ensure access to data if you suspect a data breach.

At BetterWorld Technology, we believe in data’s pivotal role in business. For this reason, we offer data backup as part of our backup and data recovery service.

4. Bulletproof Your Business’s Cybersecurity Today

Small businesses need to have security measures in place to survive online threats. If your business is to survive, cybersecurity needs to be your priority.

If you need a company that puts your business and its security first, look no further than BetterWorld Technology. We strive to provide small businesses in Washington DC, Florida, Chicago, and more with the bulwark of cybersecurity.

Let’s talk about how we can help your business survive and thrive amidst a world filled with hackers and malware.



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