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How Microsoft Teams Facilitates Remote Work

Business owners and employers worldwide are beginning to embrace the reality that being physically present in the office isn’t always necessary to accomplish one’s job.

Many companies have found success bringing in people to work for them remotely, especially in the last few years. Concerns regarding employee productivity and how effectively they can collaborate with their colleagues through a home office setup have already been answered. A study published on the Harvard Business Review website found that remote workers generally have better job performance than those working from the office.

But to succeed with a remote work approach, organizations need to change the way they operate, including how they look at their work culture. They can do this by using Cloud communication tools such as Microsoft Teams.

Microsoft Teams is a digital communication suite developed by Microsoft designed to provide users with chat and video conferencing capabilities.

Some of the main functionalities provided by MS Teams are:

● Audio and video calling

● Group chat by channel

● File sharing and storage

● Attendance reporting

● Webinar registration

History of MS Teams

Microsoft Teams used to be part of an M365 Business Teams subscription but was eventually released as part of its own plan after gaining popularity. Microsoft wanted MS Teams to compete with the likes of Zoom and decided that they should cater to the small business market.

In December 2021, the company introduced an MS Teams plan primarily for smaller companies called Teams Essentials, which allowed people to use it without having to sign up for Microsoft 365.

Comparing the Microsoft Teams Plans

The following are the main offerings of the 3 Microsoft Teams plans:

MS Teams Free

● Up to 60 minutes of group meetings

● Up to 100 participants per meeting

● Up to 5GB of cloud storage

● Unlimited chat

● File sharing, tasks, and polling

MS Teams Essentials

● Everything in the MS Teams free plan

● Up to 30 hours of group meetings

● Up to 300 participants per meeting

● Up to 10GB of cloud storage

● 24/7 phone and web support

MS Teams With M365

● Everything in the Essentials plan

● Office applications (both web and downloadable)

● Access to all M365 cloud apps

● Up to 1TB of cloud storage

● Webinar hosting

Looking for Help with Your MS Teams Setup?

With the growing popularity of remote working, investing in cloud communication platforms like MS Teams is only reasonable to keep up with the competition.

We provide expert guidance and technical expertise in setting up MS Teams for companies from multiple locations all over the United States and Canada. If you want to know how to get Teams help, you’ve come to the right place.



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